The Importance of Setting Goals in your Life

Some people mistakenly think that setting goals in something for a teenager who is planning their career, yet according to psychologists, we should all be setting short and long-term goals in our lives. Being successful at anything demands a lot of hard work and motivation and setting suitable goals provides direction and motivation to extend your boundaries.

Getting out of your Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone, a place where we do not feel challenged and it is perfectly natural to want to stay within the boundaries of what we are familiar with. You could, for example, set your goal and find an event venue in Caringbah, where you can book a celebration party for when you achieve your goal. This will make you strive to attain your goal; having booked the venue, there’s no way that you will even consider failure.

Setting a Long-Term Goal

Any goals that you set should be a: achievable and b: suitable and you should spend time thinking about what it is that excites you. It doesn’t have to be a financial goal, your goal might be to improve your living space, or to get that promotion that is up for grabs, while you should be realistic when setting goals, ensuring that the goal is achievable. It is essential to have a high level of desire for your chosen goal, otherwise you will not go through what it takes to achieve it and set yourself a time period that is feasible. Click here for tips on goal setting, which is a recommended read.

Setting Short-Term Goals

Let’s say that you set a goal of saving 2,000 dollars in a year; that is quite a target, but if you work it out as a monthly figure, it comes to just under 167 dollars per month and you could further break that down to 38 dollars per week. Simply put, setting a long-term goal is a lot harder if you don’t have short, regular goals, so always break a main goal down to smaller objectives, which helps to keep you motivated and on target to achieve the long-term goal.

Wandering Generality Vs Meaningful Specific

A person with no goals in life can be described as a wandering generality; someone with no real direction who goes through life aimlessly. The chances of your life improving are decreased without goals, as you have nothing to aim for, whereas a person who has fixed goals in front of them is regarded as a meaningful specific, someone with a game plan who knows where they are going. If you are suffering with mental health issues, here is some government information.

Setting goals is all about excitement and desire; if the goal does not excite you, the chance of success is reduced, so do try to choose things that spark desire in your heart and try to remain focused and set lots of smaller goals that lead up to your main objective. Visual aids help; post images of that new car or house in the country and as you tick off your short-term goals, that big target gets closer and closer.