The Myth Of Exercise Before Bed: Explained

Alex Djerassi likes to do a workout before bed. The reason being is that when a person works out before bed they usually have a much better sleep. Getting tired right before bed is great for those who have insomnia and overthink instead of getting a good night’s rest. This can also increase relaxation and reduce anxiety. Workouts take a lot of physical strength. By trying out the body in a physical way, it’s obvious that the internal clock we all have can be thus regulated. Excise also increases body temperature which is very important when going to bed. The core body temperature of a person drops when they are calm and collected, thus causing them to feel sleepy, By doing a fifteen to twenty-minute workout prior to getting some shut-eye, the biology behind sleeping can really benefit anyone who struggles in doing so. Of course, working out before bed is not for everyone. For some, it can actually induce energy and make it harder to fall asleep. There is of course no recommendation for people to be walking by themselves after ten pm but nevertheless, it’s up to the individual. The best way to actually ensure a good night’s rest is by working out prior to bedtime. This can be in the morning or afternoon, depending on how a  person’s work schedule is. The benefits of doing so are endless. People will naturally start to feel tired prior to their bedtimes and it will really balance the internal clock we all have. Tossing and turning at night is not fun for everyone. This is also a wonderful activity to do to help with digestion and regulates other aspects of the body. Stretching and doing yoga are ways to calm the mind as well. A lot of people who are working remotely are not being as active which in turn causes them to have more energy at night. It’s crucial to work off some of this because the muscles begin to weaken if they are not properly utilized. Going to the grocery store will end up being a vigorous activity if physical well-being isn’t maintained during the day. Getting up to walk around and burn calories will surely tire a person out more than if they sit in front of their computer all day. Exercise can be very stress-relieving as well for those who have insomnia or any other form of sleep disorder. The more a person works out, the better chance they have of tiring out their bodies and finding it easier to go to sleep. Overall, there are many ways to remain peaceful and have suburb quality of sleep especially if a person exercises throughout the day. It will take some planning and dedication, but the ending result might be the missing piece to a person’s lifestyle.