The New York Underground Music Scene

Music can help stimulate the mind and can be soothing or bring excitement to one’s life. It can also help us feel excited and express how we feel. Judge Napolitano loves how New York is a diverse city with many popular music genres such as jazz, rock, and the blues. New York is home to many music scenes to include underground music venues such as the 285 Kent, Brooklyn Steel, The Bitter End, Shea Stadium, and many other centers and other private venues. These places provide a performance space or studio for artists to perform. Some of these venues have shown every night and provide a great opportunity for individuals to meet at and watch a good show.

There are many rising artists in New York City such as Marc Rebillet. Marc was born and raised in Texas and then moved to New York City to start his music career. He is known for his work on YouTube and focuses his attention on the keyboard, vocals, and percussion instruments. Marc Rebillet created several studio albums to include Marc Rebillet, Europe, and Loop Daddy III. He started playing music at the young age of four by practicing the piano and attended a musical high school. His professional music career started in 2016 by improvising songs in his apartment. His videos went viral generating his fan-based and he posts most of his work on Reddit and Facebook. His first live performance was in 2017 in Dallas and has continued to do tours throughout the United States and Europe. His genre of specialty is funk, soul, and hip hop music. He tries to be comical in his lyrics and even uses vulgar language in his songs.

Blu Detiger is a born and raised musician from New York City. She is twenty-one years old and has played instruments since a young age. She was in a band in middle school and played for other artists to help her increase her knowledge. Over the years she has grown her music career and plays at the Brooklyn Steel. She has new songs out for 2021 and has a record label through ALT Vision Records. Her genre of choice is funk-pop songs about New York City and tries to bring humor to her songs. She has formerly worked as a DJ and has been inspired by playing other people’s music and seeing people’s expressions when they listen to the music. Her most famous record is How Did We Get Here? She focuses on playing the bass and is a popular artist on TikTok. She is listed to play at the Brooklyn Steel.

Judge Napolitano is a New York resident and has worked in a variety of positions such as a judge, attorney, media commentator and has practiced law for many years. He lives in Manhattan and owns a maple syrup farm. Napolitano enjoys living in New York and listening to rich music that surrounds the New York City lifestyle.