The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Home

The vast majority of homeowners do not look forward to a relocation, which can be very stressful at the best of times, as there is so much to do and arrange. We totally understand how stressful this can be, and we have put together our moving house checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • Informing Essential Domestic Services – The local plumber, roofer, drain cleaning company and satellite TV company, all need to be informed that a) you no longer require their services, or b) you have moved to a new address, whichever is relevant. This will eliminate the chance of them turning up for a regular maintenance job, to find that you no longer reside at the address, which could be more than a little embarrassing.
  • Cancelling Subscriptions – It might only be a change of address, or a cancellation, but either way, if you have magazine subscriptions (including online editions), you will need to inform all subscription providers one way or another. Send an email thanking them for their services and wish them well for the future and that should be that.
  • The Removal Contractor – You should allow yourself ample time to search online for good Sydney furniture removalists that are reasonably priced and reliable. It is usually best to entrust the removal team with the packing, as they have the materials and the know-how, and can safely pack and load all of your possessions, ready for transportation.
  • Utilities – In both the old dwelling and the new home, you need to arrange the connection and disconnection of water, electric and telephone, which can be done online, so it won’t take much time. Then you can settle your outstanding bills and close your account with the provider, leaving the new owner to make their own account.
  • Packing Materials – If the removal company are handling the packing, this will not be an issue, otherwise you will have to provide your own moving boxes, ropes and old blankets. Some people prefer to use a sea container, which the removal company delivers in advance, then you can pack at your leisure, starting with items that are rarely used.
  • The Keys – It might sound obvious, yet it has been known for the new owner and the removals truck to arrive and the owner overlooked the keys, which, again is embarrassing, as a team of workers cannot do anything until they can access the property.
  • Cleaning – Both properties will need a good clean, which you can do yourself, or call in a house-cleaning company, which can be located with a Google search. If you have a hectic schedule, outsourcing this is a wise thing to do, and you really do want to move into a home that is spotlessly clean.

If you create your checklist at the very outset, and spend time thinking about things you have not yet included, you shouldn’t forget anything, and once arranged, you can simply cross that item off and move onto the next.