Tips for finding the right realtor to sell your home

Tips for finding the right realtor to sell your home

Selling your home is no easy task, and doing it without the help of someone who is your ultimate ally is going to be a bad time. Finding a good Realtor who works both for you and with you during the home selling process is incredibly important. This process can be long and time consuming. By pairing up with a real estate agent who is skilled and knowledgeable, you’re putting yourself in a position for success. When it comes to selling a home, there are two major goals: selling fast and selling for the best price possible. Here are some foolproof tips for finding the perfect realtor to sell your home. 

Figure Out Your End Goal 

When it comes to selling a house, timing is everything. Before you make any big moves, take a few steps back and think about what your biggest goal is at the end of the sale. If you want to sell your house for higher than its value, look for agents who have a good track record for selling homes for a great price. If your main goal is to get your home on and off the market in record timing, then look for agents who have proven to do just that. Your goal is going to help you find someone who can bring you success. 

Weed Out Those Who Don’t Seem Right

Depending on where you are located, you’re likely going to come across dozens to even hundreds of agents. Do a skimming of agents and pick out a list of the ones who really fit the bill. Browse the sites of different brokerages to find agents who have sold similar houses to yours in the neighborhood. 

Consult Friends and Family

What better way to find someone than through a recommendation? By consulting friends and family, you’ll be able to get a first hand account of how some specific agents were to work with. There are a lot of things that aren’t noticeable on a website biography. Call up some friends, family, and colleagues who have sold their house in the area and see what they have to say!

Do Background Research

Once you get a list together of all of your recommendations as well as what you’ve found through your own brief search and do your digging. Look up the statistics of these particular agents to see how much more than the listing price they’ve sold their homes for, how many days the homes they sold were on the market, and any other facts that pertain to your end goal. This will help you get a good picture of what they’re able to offer on paper. 

Set Up Interviews

Once you narrow your search down, set up interviews with these agents. During the interviews, you’ll be able to develop a rapport with them—or perhaps no rapport at all. Ask them questions about their previous homes sold, their familiarity with the area, and what their plan would be to sell your particular property. If you want to sell for a particular price so that you can purchase your dream home, look up a home affordability calculator and share your findings with the agents. At the end of the interviews, choose the one who you clicked with the most.

Finding an agent to help you sell your home will take a load of stress off of your back. Someone who matches your personality and selling goals is going to be key in the process. Happy selling!