male insurance agent talking to clients

Top Tips For New Insurance Agents

Starting off as a new insurance agent is tricky business. It’s not easy selling people on what is, to most, a very vague concept, and the challenges that particular fields like life insurance sales present is enough to prompt many newer agents to quit. If you want to make it, you’ll need to know what to do, and these tips should provide a bit of positive advice that will push you toward success.

Know Your Stuff

As an insurance agent, it pays to know as much as possible about your field and related areas. If you’re in southern California selling workers’ compensation insurance, for instance, it might also benefit you to know a San Bernardino workers compensation attorney or two so you can round out your knowledge.

Additionally, you might want to learn more about your ideal prospects and the things that they’re into. What are some areas of commonality that you can discuss and use to help make that connection? The more of these you can find, the better you can relate and the easier it will be to make sales.

Learn About Marketing

Building on the above point, you’ll need to learn how to do a bit of marketing if you want to become a better salesperson. In many instances, it pays to know how to generate leads and get those prospects to come to you, but you’ll only be able to pull that off if you avail yourself of the latest marketing knowledge.

You can cut your teeth by checking out some of the hottest digital and social media marketing blogs out there, including Hubspot, Entrepreneur, and Neil Patel. From there, start making a note of the tools and skills you’ll need to perfect a marketing strategy, then put them into action.

Project Professionalism

It goes without saying that a professional appearance can go a long way in getting people to take you seriously, but looks aren’t where professionalism ends. You’ll also want to convey professionalism with your actions and demeanor, and that can start with the way that you talk to your prospects.

Avoid the overuse of slang terminology, but at the same time, don’t go all-in with confusing jargon. Speak clearly, concisely, and convey your points with confidence. Remember to also stay enthusiastic when speaking with others, and you’ll find that your enthusiasm is more often than not returned.

Prepare To Work Hard

Hard work is frequently the key to success, and it definitely helps when you’re in the insurance game. Expect to spend a lot of time plugging away, researching topics, perfecting your skills, and, of course, selling if you want to get ahead.