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Traits Every Lawyer Should Possess

The legal profession is not for the faint-hearted; everyday lawyers and judges are engaged in heated debates exchanging legal bombshells to decide the state of justice. To the untrained civilian, watching a court proceeding is like watching a foreign film without subtitles.

People who find the law interesting usually have to put in a significant effort in their academic journey. But some critical aspects of being a barrister require that the individual develop certain personal qualities. The unique thing about law is that most of the traditional culture in the profession is well active. Still, a lawyer’s characteristics must adjust to the legal culture.
To be an effective lawyer, one must observe their strengths and weakness to command a courtroom effectively.


Defense attorney Diego Ruiz Duran believes that law is an argumentative sport, which means a lot of the time is for exchanging ideas. The best ideas will always require clear articulation to stand up against criticism. For any lawyer to gain the upper hand, they must speak articulately and write clear affidavits to support their agenda. Communication skills also demand any lawyer to have listening skills because a good lawyer can only defend a client when they understand their situation legally.

Research and Analysis

For a lawyer to hold a stable argument in court, they need as much preparation as they can get. A lawyer needs to collect as much information as possible concerning the case. From their clients’ testimony to their adversary’s complaints, all relevant information must be in possession. Once a lawyer has these resources, it is another step to sort out what is fact from the pile and how all the facts link up with the case.

Creativity essential to identify how to logically present all the supporting information in favor of the client. Regardless of the size of information available, good lawyers must commit themselves to the small details that help build the case.

Legal Knowledge

A courtroom is a rather important institution in society; all the citizens’ fates in legal matters are the court session members’ responsibility. Issues related to right and wrong actions by people are determined in these rooms and, therefore, influence society’s freedom and safety.

A good lawyer must be deeply intoning with knowledge of their legal field of expertise since their client’s fate will rely on this knowledge. Identifying strong and weak points in the case depends on how well the lawyer understands the constitution.

Generally speaking, the law is a vast profession, and it helps when a lawyer understands why they do the job. Diego Ruiz Duran is an attorney who has committed his life to provide legal services to victims of domestic violence. He believes that the fight for gender equality is what motivates him to practice law. Any respectable lawyer needs to find something that gives them the same drive as Duran. Although there is excellent money to be made in the legal profession, compassion is among the best reasons for any lawyer to do what they do.