What are the Benefits of Using Vitamin C for Skin Health?

Vitamin C for Skin Health

You probably already know important vitamin C is for your immune health. But did you know there are also benefits of using vitamin c for skin health? Remember that your skin can also be cared for from within.

Vitamin C supports skin health with its antioxidant properties that help to protect the skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. It also helps support a healthy vascular system, which is one of the components of smooth, even-toned skin.

Let’s take a look at how vitamin C for skin health can work from the inside out and what to look for when shopping for a vitamin C supplement to support healthy skin.

How Can Vitamin C Support Skin Health?

Vitamin C may surprise you with how it can work to maintain the health of your skin.

Vitamin C can be advantageous for skin health by:

  • Helping to neutralize free radicals
  • Supporting vascular health

Helping to neutralize free radicals is necessary to help support your skin and protect it from oxidative stress. You encounter free radicals everywhere, whether from dietary or lifestyles choices or in your environment. When out of balance, this can lead to oxidative stress that is harmful to your cells. Vitamin C can help neutralize free radicals to keep them from wreaking havoc on your skin.

Support for vascular health can help preserve the strength of your veins, capillaries, and blood vessels. When your vascular system is robust, optimal circulation can continue and your skin can maintain a smooth, glowing appearance.

What to Look for in a Vitamin C Supplement for Skin Health

Your body doesn’t produce its own vitamin C, so it’s considered to be an essential vitamin. In order to support your skin with the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C, you’ll need to consume it through a healthy diet and supplementation.

When you’re looking to support your skin health with a vitamin C supplement, there are a few things to look for to ensure you’re getting the most value from supplementation.

Some things to look for to maximize your skin health benefits in a vitamin C supplement are:

  • A blend of vitamin C with other bioflavonoids
  • A formula that combines vitamin C with other nutrients that aid absorption

Blending vitamin C with other bioflavonoids can increase the benefits you receive from supplementation. When certain bioflavonoids are carefully paired with one another, the support they can offer is enhanced. For instance, vitamin C and grape seed extract are two excellent bioflavonoids for skin health but they work better together than individually.

Combining vitamin C with absorption-enhancing nutrients like mineral salts helps extend the effects of this antioxidant vitamin in the body. You’ll get more out of your vitamin C supplement when it’s blended with these helpful mineral salts, plus it will be easier on your stomach.  

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