When Should You Talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a federal program that provides benefits to individuals who are unable to work due to physical or mental impairments. Benefits can include monthly cash payments, medical coverage, and other assistance depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Who qualifies for Social Security Disability?

To be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, you must have a disability that is expected to last at least 12 months or end in death. Additionally, your disability must be enough to prevent you from engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA) and performing basic work activities.

Under the law, those who are blind or disabled may be able to get benefits if they have worked and paid enough into the Social Security system.

The amount of work history needed to be eligible for disability benefits can vary depending on your age. Generally, you must have earned a certain number of Social Security credits from having worked in jobs that were covered by Social Security taxes. The amount of credits you need to qualify is based on your age at the time you become disabled. In most cases, a person must have worked and paid into Social Security for at least five out of the 10 years prior to becoming disabled.

What is a Social Security Disability Attorney?

A Social Security Disability Attorney is an attorney who specializes in helping individuals file for SSD benefits. They can help you fill out the necessary forms, provide advice and support throughout the application process, and represent you if your claim is denied or appealed.

When Should You Talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney?

It’s important to talk with an attorney as soon as possible if you think you’re eligible for SSD benefits. An experienced attorney can answer any questions you may have and help make sure your application is complete and accurate, increasing the chances of being approved for benefits.

Additionally, an attorney can offer valuable advice on what to expect throughout the process, how to best manage your finances while waiting for a decision, and how to prepare for any appeals or denials.

Even if you initially pursued your claim without an attorney, it is wise to get qualified legal assistance once the initial denial comes in. The appeals process is complex and navigating it successfully can be difficult without professional help. They can review your claim, provide guidance on what evidence is needed for an appeal hearing, and represent you at the hearing. The best way to make sure that you maximize your chances for success in appealing a denied claim is to talk with an attorney as soon as possible.

An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help make sure that your claim is handled correctly right from the start. An attorney can review any evidence you have received or submitted and offer advice about how to best present a compelling case for benefits. They may also be able to identify new evidence or supporting documents that could strengthen your claim.

Overall, having a Social Security Disability attorney by your side can make the entire process less stressful and provide peace of mind. If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is important to consult with an experienced disability attorney who can help guide you through the process.