Why Managed IT Services Have Overtaken the Break-Fix IT Model

Break-fix IT, or computer repair is one of the most common ways for an individual to provide support for their personal computers. Break-Fix was also once used in large businesses prior to 2011, when it became more popular for companies with over 100 employees to outsource these services. Break-Fix was very popular because it provided individuals and businesses with a quick solution to a broken or misbehaving computer.

Break-Fix can be considered as the opposite of Managed IT Services, which is now more popular among businesses with over 100 employees because Break-Fix was not able to provide much support for any problems that were not immediate. Break-Fix is a great service for an individual or a small business with less than 30 employees, but Break-Fix is no longer an effective solution for large companies.

The Break-Fix IT model was the most popular way to handle issues with computers, but Managed IT Services have overtaken Break-Fix because of their effectiveness. With Break-Fix, when you have a problem with your computer you take it to a Break-Fix IT person who will look at your computer and provide a solution. Break-Fix is very expensive because Break-Fix depends on how much money an individual or company is willing to spend, which means Break-Fix can be very ineffective for many reasons. If someone wants their computer fixed quickly then they are forced to pay a Break-Fix person more money, and Break-Fix can be ineffective because Break-Fix does not provide support for any problems that are not immediately severe.

Break-Fix is also very limited because Break-Fix can only provide support to problems that involve your computer. Problems such as malware, viruses, security breaches, social media issues, and password retrieval will always require Managed IT Services to fix. Break-Fix is still a great choice for an individual or business with less than 30 employees, but Break-Fix does not provide the support that many businesses need and Break-Fix causes more problems than it actually fixes.

Managed IT Services are very effective because they offer much more support than Break-Fix.  Managed IT Services provide support for all of your technology problems in the same way Break-Fix does, which means many Break-Fix IT people are now specializing their work to become Managed IT Service providers. Managed IT Services will fix every single problem you have with your computers and they can also monitor your computer to see if there are any potential problems.

Break-Fix is mainly used for immediate problems, but Managed IT Services can monitor your computer the same way Break-Fix does and they will send you alerts when something goes wrong. Managed IT Services are very effective because they take the time to fix every single issue that you have instead of Break-Fix that only looks for immediate problems. Break-Fix will often overlook issues that Managed IT Services can fix, which means Break-Fix is no longer an effective choice for many businesses because Managed IT Services are much more efficient.