Why Movies are so Entertaining

There is one thing that people tend to agree with and that is watching a movie is something that everyone likes to do. Now, when it comes to what different genres of movies that is where the different opinions come into play. Whether a person prefers romance, sci-fi, horror, or thrillers there is something out there for each and every one. Many people like Andrew Napolitano have a favorite genre of movie that they like to watch over and over again. Sci-fi is Napolitano’s favorite genre of movie. There are those that like multiple genres of movies. There are a lot of movies out there that can be classified under multiple different genres. An example of that could be a romance movie could also be classified as a drama or a comedy and a horror film could also easily be a suspenseful thriller or even a sci-fi movie. One could even look up similar movies to one that they previously liked and could be surprised to find similar movies under a different genre. I believe we as people can all agree as well that the possibilities are endless when it comes down to movies.

Let’s talk about the people that like to stick with one particular genre which there is nothing wrong with liking a particular genre but it does cut a lot of options out that you could be missing out on. If someone is looking for a new movie to watch all one has to do is ask someone’s opinion on a new movie and by doing so could open up a whole new genre for someone That brings up another point that asking one’s opinion on a certain genre can ultimately bring people together. Families all around the world enjoy movie nights with one another and a popular first date for a couple is going to the theater to watch the newest movie. Not only are movies entertaining but they let us escape from our everyday lives. Another great thing about movies is that there is something out there for all ages. From the earliest age of 6 months, we start watching movies and to the elderly people who enjoy their movies and every age in between. We all have a favorite movie to watch and as we age and the times evolve so do our movies. 

Another great thing Andrew Napolitano loves about movies is that they are constantly remaking classic films. Animated movies that we grew up watching in our childhood are now being remade into live-action movies. There will never be a time where movies are not a part, whether big or small, of our lives. Whether a person has that favorite movie that they hold dear to them or whether a person has a couple of movies that they consider their favorite, everyone has a movie that they have claimed to be theirs. Let’s share our favorite movies with someone today or let us just sit down and watch a movie and unload.