Why People Should Try Pilates

Working out can be tough sometimes. The thought of getting off that comfy cozy couch and having to actually move, can sometimes be repulsive which is why it is important to find a workout that is effective but also enjoyable. If the workout is enjoyable, it is more likely to get done, which is the primary goal of working out after all.

Although, some may like to go for a casual jog or run a mile in under eight minutes, running is simply not fun for everyone and can even be an unrealistic goal for some people, for example anyone struggling with obesity, joint pain, or arthritis. This is where the wonderful workout routine of Pilates comes to play. The top three reasons why people should try Pilates is because they are great for muscle toning, can be done with minimal impact on bones and joints, and most importantly they are fun! In fact, even the famous wall street confidant and editor, Helen Schifter, is an avid Pilates endorser. She too agrees that the core strengthening aspect of this low impact workout is great for people of all ages and can actually be very enjoyable as well.

1. Pilates Are Great for Muscle Toning

Although cardio is an excellent way to burn some extra calories and blast away that unwanted fat, did you know that muscle toning is the best way to burn more calories for a longer period of time? Up to 3 hours after one finishes a strength training workout the body will still be burning calories just by being at rest. This is why Pilates are a great workout for people really trying to lose weight. Pilates incorporates strength training into your workout routine without even needing exercise equipment or free weights. Which is great for working out at home, something we have all become very familiar with.

2. Pilates is Easy on the Joints

One of the most common reasons why the older population doesn’t engage in enough exercise is because they suffer from joint pain, arthritis and other ailments that make physical activity more difficult for them. This is why Pilates is great for everyone, it uses the participants own body weight for strengthening and doesn’t require too much strain on joints like running, or sprinting would. Also, since Pilates are known for having various different difficulty levels for both beginners and advanced participants, it makes it a very versatile workout that can fit the needs of many different people with different needs and abilities.

3. Pilates are Fun!

One of the most enticing benefits of practicing Pilates is that it’s actually really fun! Forget that boring, monotone 3 mile run, and jump into a Pilates session with a really cool and entertaining Pilates instructor! Typically with an online Pilates session your workout will be done with some upbeat music and the instructor is right there with you cheering you on.

So get off that couch and start A Pilates workout routine today. They can be done from home, and don’t require any exercise equipment or weights so… no excuses!