Ombori Impulse Buys

Ombori Grid on the Value of Impulse Buys

When customers make impulse purchases, it can be very beneficial for stores. But that’s only true if the stores can track those purchases and see how they can encourage customers to buy more items, as well. With Ombori Grid, your company can focus on the purchases that customers are making, and also address the demographics of those customers. That helps you match up customer traits to specific purchases, in order to discover what particular customers are looking for, what leads them to buy impulsively, and how you can encourage that behavior for a better bottom line. 

What Are Impulse Buys?

Both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores have customers who make impulse purchases. It’s more likely that people will buy impulsively in-person, though, because they can touch and look at the product instead of only seeing a representation of it online. That’s important when it comes to finding out what customers will purchase from you, and making sure you have those items stocked. Impulse purchases need to be available to the customer at the time they’re looking at the items, as they’re not likely to come back to buy at a later date.

How Can Ombori Grid Help Your Business?

Ombori Grid can help your retail company determine not only who’s making impulse purchases, but it can also help you see the related kinds of items you might want to market to your customers. The right kinds of product placement, pricing, and signage can all add up to more purchases, especially for people who impulsively buy something they see on their way to the checkout or in an aisle that they would typically walk down to get to another item they need. Suggested, advertised products are great ways to give people like this the opportunity to buy something they may not even know they want or need until they see it. 

Many people will make an impulse buy if they feel like they’re going to lose out on a product if they don’t buy it right away. They’ll also sometimes buy impulsively if someone else has something they want or like. With Ombori Grid, you can get a better idea of who these people are and how much they shop at your store, so you can create an environment that leads to them buying from you. Data analytics give you the information you’re looking for, and tracking capabilities make it easier than ever to see who among your customers is likely to want and need new products or services.

What Is Decision Fatigue?

Decision fatigue can also lead to buying impulsively, so people don’t have to make any more decisions about something. Emotions trigger buying, too, and that can lead to people canceling online orders and returning products they purchased when they were feeling down. Ombori Grid can show you the ratio of men to women who are buying impulsively, and how many of them are returning products, too. When you see those patterns, you know who to market to and who’s less likely to return things they buy on impulse, so you can improve your marketing strategy and your company’s bottom line.