How to Build a Successful Career in Retail

How to Build an Employee Handbook


If one is in the retail industry and is hoping to grow and develop their career in the retail industry, there are quite a number of ways by which they can be able to successfully achieve this. Luckily enough, there are a number of retail companies that are out and willing to employ more people, especially because of the huge number of customers that they have. In order for one to make it to the cut and stand a chance of getting employed, one must ensure that they have developed a successful career. This increases how competent one is and also gives them an upper hand such that they get to clinch the job opportunities. Discussed below are some of the ways by which one is able to ensure that their career in retail is successful.

1.Having the right skills

This is one of the very many ways by which an individual is able to make their career in retail a great success. As a matter of fact, an individual can make use of the very many development and growth opportunities in this industry to help grow and sharpen their skills. Some of the most important and vital skills that should be focused on include creativity, risk tolerance, being decisive and also having the required analytical skills. If one is hoping to build a career in the retail stores level, then they must make sure that they have a good understanding of inventory control, store planning and customer management skills. When one practices this, then they can easily make a successful career in retail, according to Helen Lee Schifter.

2.Having a major focus on the customer delight

The retail business world often has a major focus on the delight of customers. Because of this, if one is hoping to be successful in their career, they must have a focus on what makes the customer happy. Having said this, an individual must possess the right kind of attitude and maturity; and must also be very enthusiastic in how they handle their customers in order for their career to be successful. This is undoubtedly the reason why most companies often go a long way in having their retail personnel efficiently trained on this. With the latter, the employees are then able to bear the right kind of understanding of how the consumer consumption patterns in the retail industry will be, so as to attract new customers.

3.Building a job brand and profileIt is very crucial to have one build their profile and brand in case they want to be successful in their retail career. This includes details such as the financial strength, vision, future plans and so forth. This often goes a long way in ensuring that any potential employers are able to see how one can get to present themselves through the portfolio that one presents. This will in turn go a long way in showcasing the different retailing areas of expertise that one is successfully able to indulge in. The latter may include store operations, merchandising and supply chain management. Helen Lee Schifter believes that by doing so, one can get their career in retail successfully moving on the right trajectory.