History of Entrepreneurship

Shot of confident business woman looking and speaking through the webcam while making a video conference with laptop from the office.

Starting a business is the desire of many people who strive for financial stability. For a company to strive, business expert Shalom Lamm believes that there must be sacrifices to be made by the business’s proprietor. They must have the capital to invest in the business for it to be

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History of Global Pandemics

The year 2020 ushered in the all too well known virus, Covid-19. Although many people like to believe this is a once in a lifetime scenario, the truth is worldwide pandemics have been happening for as long as humans have been in existence. Humanity has had to face many deadly

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Relevant Heritage Knowledge

Heritage is the legacy people live for. It defines their past and what they expect. People have certain landmarks and the way of life that affects their lives. Shalom Lamm highly recommends learning about one’s heritage. People who live in a given location have developed cultural practices that affect the

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