How History Changes People

History has a big impact on society. Students and Teachers alike. One would think it is just about stories of the past but there is much more to it than that. There are many perspectives of this, How it can affect an individual or society as a whole. Andrew Napolitano enjoys studying history. Historians can have the desire to study history to possibly make a change in the world. Ones perspective of what they would like to change can vary greatly depending on what one is interested in seeing change. Historians can study this to gain their own perspective of events as well as for the knowledge of past events and the ways humanity has changed. In one study a teacher in a college asked her students how it changed them, and she got many different responses. It helped them to have a more open minded approach to certain topics, and be more sensitive to others. Education has this effect on people. If one sought a more broad education of this topic, they would almost definitely change by the time they learned what they sought out to learn.

Knowing something (at least a little) about humanity’s journey is a way for one to have more compassion for each other as human beings. If one has knowledge of the way another might be because of events in the past, they can view them in a more empathetic light, or have a more broad understanding of why people behave the way they do. People are changed by major events and remember how things were and are. Stories are passed down from generation to generation, but when retold the facts can change over time. The way the event may have affected one might not affect that persons children or grandchildren etc. in the same manner.

How do stories of this Nation affect it’s people? There are certainly innumerable ways in which it does. Major Historical events have the ability to harden or soften ones heart towards entire races or entire other countries. Ones ability to recognize how historical events change us is important in helping one analyze how we may have changed.

What we know about historical stories and events are the individuality it takes to form it all. The changes each individual make matter and shape the world into what it is today. It changes people in ways we cant even comprehend at times. Historians have a very deep understanding of how much each small piece matters and helps shape how we as a people are changed, individually and globally. How wonderful it is to live in an age of information and be able to see how History is changing people and in what ways. There is no way to name here all the ways people are changed by it in this small article, however, it is truly incredible. People like Andrew Napolitano, have ability to seek these things out of their own accord and ask themselves how they have changed because of it as well. What a beautiful gift!