The Paramount Effects Of American Military History

The united states military has a rich history with exciting facts, which are non-political truths starting from the origin stories. Shalom Lamm, an entrepreneur studied American History in college. The American military has a lot of history, for example, how the coast guard reserve was created and many others, some of which are not taught in universities.

One of the facts is that the American army is older than the united states of America. The united states army was incorporated in 1775 by George Washington. In 1776, the united states of America were also established. Another fact is that there was a nuclear aircraft carrier named after united states president Ronald Reagan. In 1998, the aircraft became the first Nimitz class aircraft carrier that was unique. The aircraft’s maiden voyage took place in November 2000, covering 44,000 nautical miles on its first deployment. Another fact is that the department of defense is old. It was well equipped with the resources required to protect the united states. In 1789, the war department was established, which was later changed to the defense department.

Interestingly another fact is that dogs played a critical role in the united states army operations. For example, during the second world war, Doberman Pinschers worked as scouts and messengers in the pacific theater. Additionally, dogs could be used to detect bombs, weapons, and drugs. Dogs could also be used for counter-terrorism operations. Another fact is that women have always been engaged in the military. Women have had many roles to play, including spying, where George Washington employed a woman spy during the revolutionary war. Cathay Williams was the first black woman to be enlisted in the united states army.

Another fact was that physics played a significant role in defense intelligence. Amazingly, a lot of research could be done before operations were taken. A good example was a movie of men stares at goats operated from the paranormal investigation of remote viewing. Physics played parapsychic intelligence and research operations. Besides another fact was that Abraham Lincoln, a united states president, signed the medal of honor into creation. A senator by the name of James grimes created a bill to promote the navy’s efficiency and sanctioning the implementation of medals of honor. The president ascended the bill, and medals were produced and distributed. The awards increased efficiency as the soldiers worked hard to achieve the impossible to outshine the others and get medals of honor. Another unbelievable fact was that the coast guard reserve service was never used to be paid. During the second world war, congress directed the coast guard to use unpaid civilians to guard waterways using their yachts and motorboats. Later, in 1941, a reserved act was incorporated, converting the reserve into an active section. The act led to a civilian volunteer service, which is currently the united states coast guard auxiliary. In conclusion, the American non-political warrior facts are many and fascinating with reality showing the united states’ expertise and professionalism. Many of the truths are never taught in universities but are very important. People like Shalom Lamm believe in the importance of American History and that all should study it.