Secure Investment Solutions for These Covid-19 Times

When the world suffers a global pandemic that also wreaks havoc with the economy, it is definitely time to look at your investment portfolio and move your wealth to safe investments. Fiat currencies, for example, are unusually volatile, as the impact of business closures takes effect and whatever investments you have, it might be advisable to turn to safer solutions.

Share Market Investing

This is a very attractive investment, as many private investors pool their money; the provider’s experts make good investments and everyone wins. If you would like good returns, Lincoln Indicators, a leading Australian share marketing company have all the solutions to keep your wealth secure, while making a good return.


At over $60k at the time of writing this blog, Bitcoin continues to soar in value and this currency is also a payment system that is anonymous and does not involve a third-party such as a bank or credit card provider. Elon Musk recently bought $1.5 billion into Bitcoin, which caused a surge and yes, it is risky, as we have no history with cryptocurrencies. Many investors have the Bitcoin Wallet software on their devices and are putting a portion of their wealth into Bitcoin, which is a decentralised open-ledger system that uses blockchain technology. If you had invested back in 2014, for example, you would be very wealthy today if you were to cash them into dollars.

Gold Bullion

Gold has been the stable commodity for storing wealth and with a 12% return on the year in 2019, gold is certainly something to consider. Some private investors like to collect gold coins and providing you stick to well-known coins like The American Eagle, The Canadian Maple Leaf and The Britannia, this is a relatively safe investment that will give you a return. Here is an interesting article about the importance of setting goals in your life, which would include financial targets.

Forex Trading

Many people make a good return trading currency, although you do need to research the market and start with pretend money and see how you make out. Using a broker should result in making a profit and a percentage of that would be for the broker who is making all the decisions. If you would like to learn more about Forex trading, click here.

Real Estate

Property is always a good place to put your wealth, as land prices are always on the rise and buying a second home in Thailand will provide you with great holidays, you can rent out the property when not in use. A property management company maintains rental homes and offers a letting service and security and using a third-party company takes the stress out of renting property.

One of the most popular avenues for private investors is share market investment and you can find information if you search with Google. Managed funds perform very well and by using a leading Australian share market specialist, you can benefit from the broker’s expertise.

One must take great care with investments during these troubling times and if your wealth is tied up with stocks and shares, it might be prudent to transfer to something safer.