Facts Behind the California Wildfires  

woman looks at mold damage in a house

Facts Behind the California Wildfires Helen Lee Schifter, the former Wall Street arbitrage trader and former Hearst and Conde Nast editor, has always been concerned about the environment. Therefore, when she learned about the dreadful wildfires in California that have affected millions. Schifter sought to research the facts behind the

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California: The Essence Of Beauty

There are so many places to visit around the country. However, there is no state like California. This state is located on the western coast of the United States and stretches from the Mexican border to the bottom of Oregon. This Pacific state is around nine-hundred miles long. It has

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San Francisco Artists To Support

Man replacing the window

The Bay Area is full of some of the most astounding artists in the world. They are very insightful people who use their talents in an outstanding amount of ways. Many people like  Alexander Djerassi enjoy the art these people produce. It’s very clear that talent is not difficult to

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