The Important Things That Parents Need To Teach Their Children

Kids nowadays, do not lead very active lives and many people blame the advances in technology for it happening. Young children now, from as young as four years old have their own smart phone and parents leave them up to their own devices when searching the Internet. These kids can quite easily use these devices to find such sites as YouTube and Tik-Tok. They spend most of their day online or watching television and this has led to a significant increase in obesity for small children. Parents are leading very busy lives trying to hold down jobs and take care of their families and when it comes to taking the devices from the children, it can be a complete nightmare. Many children get quite angry when their phones or iPads are taken from them, and some kids have even get violent with their parents due to their frustrations. This is why we as parents need to get back to getting kids outside and becoming more active.

Luckily for us, there are sports clubs out there teaching how to play football by Smile Football Club and are willing to take our kids for an hour or two and teach them about the many benefits of playing sports. Football is probably the most popular sport in the world and many more kids should be playing this exciting game. There are many different reasons for getting your children involved in participation sports and we will explore just a few of them here today.

* The physical benefits – We all want our children to grow up to be healthy and strong and we have already taught them the importance of oral hygiene, and so playing in a team sport can help greatly with that. Too many kids are staying indoors playing videogames on their phones or computers, and so getting them involved in something like a football team is probably going to be the only physical activity that they will have in any given week. This is why getting your kids involved in sports is so important.

* Better coordination & balance – It is important that your child is in control of their bodies and that they have strong motor skills and balance. These are skills that they are going to need throughout their young lives and later on when they become adults. Participating in sports will teach them how to understand the movements of the body and the limitations that it has. It leads to stronger brain function and this can have only a positive effect on them.

* Increased strength – Young children need to have strong muscles to help them to grow strong and to increase their overall stamina. If they get involved in team sports, they will have the ability to make sudden and quick moves as part of playing the game. This will lead to stronger leg muscles and upper body strength. It is essential that your children develop and strengthen all of the muscles in their bodies. To learn more about sport and the health benefits, please have a look here.

All of this sport will help to improve their lung and heart functions and this will lead them down the pathway to fitness and wellbeing.