How to Teach Your Children About the Importance of Oral Hygiene

The last thing that many parents want to do is to spend copious amounts of money on filling cavities. Dental health is extremely important and cavities are completely preventable with the right oral hygiene routine. The tough truth is that you are going to have to watch some children to make sure they brush their teeth. Teens that are neglecting their teeth can be told they will be paying for their filling with the money they make from a summer job. Good dental hygiene is something that will follow your children around for life. You want your kids to be known as the ones with a great smile as they take pride in brushing and flossing. The following are tips to help teach your children the importance of oral hygiene. 

Time How Long They Brush 

If you are being honest, the amount of time you brush your teeth might not be enough. Your children might feel like brushing their teeth takes forever so you should time them. You could have a song that you play that they have to brush until the end of it. A few minutes of brushing can help overcome even the unhealthiest of diets that include massive amounts of candy and soda. Once they are older, they will be in the routine of brushing for a specific amount of time. Trips to the dentist will be as seamless as possible when nobody has had a cavity in years. 

You Are Going To Be Their Best Example

Your children are giong to use you as their example for oral hygiene. Our children mirror behaviors if they are unsure of what they should do. You need to make sure they see you brushing your teeth for extended periods. Flossing is also important and you should make sure to teach them the right way to floss. Mouthwash should be something you consult with your children as adult mouthwash can be too harsh for younger children. Luckily, there are plenty of options that are made with children in mind. 

Your Dentist Can Help 

There are some children that will believe anything they are told unless it comes from their parents. The dentist is going to give them tips during their cleanings that they could take to heart. The fact that they are given a new toothbrush along with other items could endear the dentist to your child. A Fuquay-Varina dentist will have experience working with children and adults. This is important as it provides convenience to an entire family when insurance changes and multiple appointments can be booked at once for cleanings. The dentist will likely have pamphlets that relate to dental hygiene for all ages that you should pick up. 

Your children revere you whether you know it or not. You need to give them a good example to follow when it comes to dental hygiene. Do not allow your children to skip brushing their teeth as this should be a part of their daily routine. You do not want to spend thousands on oral surgery that could have been prevented with good hygiene.