Ways That you Can Make a Living & Travel at the Same Time

The digital revolution has brought with it many benefits and there are more people than ever before who make their living on the Internet. If, for example, you are a writer, you can market your books on Amazon, while many designers send their work to their clients via email and if you would like to enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with remote working, here are a few ways that you can earn a living via the World Wide Web.

  • Travel Blogging – There is a huge demand for good quality blogs that review hotels and establishments and you get paid to stay in premier resorts in all the best locations. Put together a good portfolio of articles, blogs and images and send it to content providers, which should result in a few assignments. Imagine being asked to do a big spread on the best affordable hotels in Sukhumvit, Bangkok! Of course, you need to have a degree of writing talent, coupled with a love of travelling and it will take a few years to get a name in the industry, then you can command top rates.
  • Run an E-Commerce Platform – There are many people who make a good living selling products online and once everything is set up, you can manage the business from your laptop screen. Outsource your logistics and be prepared to invest in digital marketing and there’s every reason to think your business will be successful, as long as you choose the right product line.
  • YouTube Travel Videos – Create your own YouTube channel and ask people to like and subscribe, as you create short, informative and entertaining videos and post them on your channel. This involves investing in audio-visual equipment, while being creative enough to write your own scripts and having the ability to professionally edit the content. Like everything, it will take some time to build a following, but there’s nothing to stop you from having a go at being a V-Logger. Here is an interesting article about the importance of setting goals in your life, which we should all do.
  • Online Surveys – If you have the self-discipline to sit in front of your laptop screen 5-6 hours a day filling in online surveys, you can make a fairly good living doing this. Start by Googling ‘paid surveys’, which should give you a long list of companies that are looking for survey applicants. The more you do, the quicker it becomes and perhaps the hardest part of this work is remaining neutral and giving honest answers.
  • Web Content Writing – If you have a knack for writing, you could offer your blogging talents in a freelance fashion, with content agencies who are always looking for good content writers. You might have to take an online grammar test to ensure that you are a native English speaker, plus you might have to submit a few short articles that you have written.

If you have a real passion for travel, why not combine this with one of the above? You can see all those places on your list and make a living at the same time. Prior to making any travel plans, it makes sense to check on the current Covid-19 situation in your part of the world.