There are many reasons why many homeowners and business individuals prefer renting storage units. So whether you want to move out or looking to free up some space in your home, a storage unit can be of significant help.  

Storage units are safe, convenient, and are always available. Besides, major short and long-term storage options have a variety of sizes and services that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Things to Know About Storage Units

There are two types of storage facilities, and the one you need must be the first thing you should think of when looking for a storage space to rent. The most common option is self-storage; however, a full-service plan can be more useful to you. Besides, it all depends on your needs.

Most companies offer additional services apart from renting the storage units. That could be picking your possession and putting them in the storage unit. Also, some can bring back your belongings whenever you need them.

In addition, some storage companies can allow you to do everything through an application on your smartphone. Sometimes, they can take photos of your items, so you know everything you have in storage. This will then allow you to request anything you want to be brought back quickly.

On the other hand, most people choose self-storage since it is pocket-friendly, primarily if they transport their belongings in their cars. But, you need to understand that it will take you some substantial effort and time to move your belongings to the storage unit.

Therefore, if you do not have a car or any means of transportation, it would be best to go for the full-service option. This explains why the full-service option is very common in urban areas where a small number of people own cars.

Features of a Good Storage Unit

Not all storage units have the same features. It is also important to note that some of the extra features might affect the overall price of the storage unit.  So, it is advisable always to compare the available options to ensure you get what you need from a unit.

Climate control

A climate-controlled storage unit is a type of unit that has the humidity and temperature fixed at a constant level by supervision. This option will be the best for you if you have

  • Electronics
  • Candles
  • Musical instruments
  • Metal
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • Paperwork, documents, and books
  • Collectibles


How safe will your belongings be? The storage unit you choose must have measures put in place to protect all your possessions.


You should be able to get access to the unit whenever you need to. It might be more convenient for you to access the unit during out-of-office hours, but it is vital to note that it might cost you extra. However, some storage companies offer a 24/7 hour service which is a fantastic feature.

Before you decide to rent a storage unit, it is always a good idea to do your research. Usually, there are some special deals storage companies offer when business is slow. So it is worth looking around and is also worth your time and money too.