3 Tips for Taking Online Exams

In today’s day and age, online exams are becoming increasingly popular. While they are certainly more efficient and convenient, they do come with their fair share of challenges. Keep reading to discover three tips that will help you ace your next online exam.

Check Your Tech

No one wants their computer to glitch or die during an important test. This is why it is critical that you make sure all your technology is working correctly before you begin any online exam. Ensure your Wi-Fi is stable and connected, you have all the proper software permissions and settings in place, and your laptop is charged. Also, consider bringing a charger in the room with you in case you need it during your exam.

Create a Safe Space

A calm and distraction-free environment is essential when taking an online exam, especially if it is monitored with proctoring software. If you live with roommates or family, make sure you let them know when and where you will be taking the exam. If you feel it isn’t possible to create a safe and quiet space in your home, consider taking your exam in a different location like a private study room or library. If you choose that option, make sure that wherever you go has a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Familiarize Yourself with Tools

It can be overwhelming to use brand-new proctoring software, especially when you’re already nervous to take an online exam. Before the day of your actual exam, consider familiarizing yourself with whatever tool you are using. Often software like Proctorio will include practice exams that you can take so you know exactly what you need to do when taking your real exam.

Therefore, while we know that online exams can be intimidating if you take the time to go over these three tips before your exam day, we know that you will be able to be successful and have peace of mind.