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4 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is considered the most trusted social network in the US. With over 772 million members and 3 people hired through LinkedIn every minute, you can’t afford to leave this powerhouse professional networking platform out of your company’s social media marketing strategy.

Whether you’ve already got a LinkedIn page but aren’t receiving the engagement you’d like or are yet to sign up to the platform, here’s a list of 4 easy ways to create a successful LinkedIn bio for your business.

1) Use a Professional Profile Picture

Humans are visual creatures and research has shown that profiles with a photo, like this pharmacy profile photo, receive 21 times more engagement than users without. 

Professional profile pictures purportedly garner 14 times more views on top of that. What makes a professional photo? The image should be high quality (not grainy) and have the subject fill 60% of the frame. 

Use a simple background to avoid distraction. Also consider smiling as studies have shown that people beaming in their profile pictures are viewed as more competent, likeable and influential than their stern counterparts.

2) Make Regular Updates

Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is a great way to show stakeholders that you’re keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry. A business that regularly interacts with clients and competitors demonstrates more awareness of changing consumer needs and an ability to meet those needs as they arise. Additionally, ensuring that your contact and address details are current will support SEO, add credibility to your business and help locals find you through Google. 

3) Become a Thought Leader

If you’re not already, you should be making use of the tools LinkedIn offers you to establish yourself as a thought leader within your field. You can do this by using LinkedIn’s sharing features to backlink articles or thoughtful content you’ve published elsewhere on the web. 

You can also post content directly to LinkedIn, where other industry experts can read and engage with your ideas. By presenting quality content (observations, predictions, ideas), you can demonstrate that you are a big player in your field who understands market trends. This will aid in building stakeholder confidence in your brand.

4) Build Your Network

At its heart, LinkedIn is a social media platform and popularity matters. One way to increase your visibility via LinkedIn is to expand your network. You can start by syncing your email’s address book with LinkedIn, which will allow you to find and add businesses and individuals you already know to your list of connections. 

Another way to grow your professional network is to join Linkedin groups that match up with your professional interests and expertise. Within these groups, strike up conversations and post insightful comments on existing threads to link up with like-minded entrepreneurs and potential clients. 

LinkedIn offers an extensive list of features that can help you market your brand online. By consciously engaging within your professional circles and keeping your profile up to date, you can create a robust LinkedIn page to increase both your credibility and visibility online.