Beauty Tips for Girls

It is during the teenage years that girls start to use make up. While it isn’t highly recommended that you start that early, it is inevitable as the pressure starts to build in school. It’s not just about the make up, even. It starts to extend the clothing sense.

You can use the following tips from Hourglass Waist to ensure that you don’t over do it at a very young age: 

  • If you can, just choose to wear just some light lip gloss. 
  • If you’d like to go for something subtle yet dramatic – you could consider using a light or pale shade of eye shadow. Some safe colors to go in for are blue and brown. You can keep it light and minimal and yet achieve dramatic results with that. Do not use it all over your eyelid either. Based on the shape of your eyes, use little. You don’t want your eyes to start running while at school, either. 
  • Ensure that your clothes are neat. It’s trendy to keep your clothes neat and clean and you’ll be made fun off in school otherwise. 
  • Pick clothes that are comfortable as you will need to do a lot of walking around and the last thing is for you to feel uncomfortable in your own clothes. School is after all a very active time. 
  • Avoid displaying your bra straps or your lower backs. So ensure that your clothes cover your straps up well and that they don’t slip out from under. 
  • As for your jeans, make sure that they provide adequate coverage while sitting down and you’ll also spend large part of your day sitting. Use a belt if you have to. Belts are after all great accessories and give you another opportunity to display your originality and personality. 
  • Make sure that your t-shirts or tops aren’t too short either. If you are going to wear something that is going to display your mid-riff, be sure to check to see if your tummy is hanging from above your jeans. Displaying a tummy can be quite a turn off. Instead, pick a top or t-shirt that is a little longer. You will also feel significantly more comfortable in your clothes if you take care of it. 
  • As for shoes – avoid heels. You are, after all, going to school. Flats will keep you comfortable. You could pick to wear flip-flops or ballerinas in the summer. And you can wear flat heeled boots in winters. If it gels with your fashion, you could even wear running shoes. They are incredibly comfortable and will get you through the day easily. 
  • Be sure to get a neat haircut that you can manage on your own. The last thing you want is to spend too much time on it in the morning, only to realize that you might miss the bus. So get something that is easy to manage – possibly something that sets itself as soon as you wash it, with some minimal blow drying. 

Remember that less is more when you are younger. Go natural and allow your personality to guide you.