kids on a field trip

Best Field Trip Ideas for Students of All Ages

Field trips present the perfect time for students to learn something new outside of the traditional classroom setting. They get to go on adventures with their classmates and see places that will stay in their memory for years to come.

While the change of pace can be exciting, it is most often about providing a hands-on experience that can cover a broad range of subjects.

Choosing where to take them in the community will depend greatly on what opportunities are found in your area. However, with a little creativity and planning, you will be able to find the perfect destination that your kids will love.

To help you get started, here are a few of the best field trip ideas for students of all ages.

An Aquarium

Aquariums are great places for kids to learn about the animals and habitats found underwater. They can get up close and personal with some sea creatures — and may learn about what they can do to protect the ocean environment.

A Zoo

Zoos are great places to learn about different animals and habitats, as well. Except, most of these are above water. Zoos often have thriving education programs that present many fun ways to learn new things outside of the formal classroom setting.

A Local Farm

Local farms are a great place for kids to uncover new things about agriculture. They get to see the inner workings of farm life and make the connection between the food source and how it makes its way to markets and grocery stores.

More specifically, a lesson can be made about regional goods and how they are harvested and delivered throughout the country.

A Local Museum

Communities often have local museums full of lessons just waiting to be taught to little ones. These may be museums of history, science, art, natural history, or something else —- each with its specific offerings.

Spend the day exploring all the museum has to offer on a guided tour geared toward the age of your students.

An Art Center

Many kids love a field trip to an art center because it means having the opportunity to explore their creative side and get their hands dirty. Professionals can walk the students through creating a fun, engaging project.

A Cooking Class

Believe it or not, an age-appropriate cooking class can be a great option for a field trip. It will teach kids about recipes and how they are followed. Working together, they can learn how to maneuver their way around basic tasks in the kitchen allowing them to use skills they are learning in the classroom, such as math.

The Theater

Many local theaters will offer performances during the school day that are perfect for field trips. Not only are these geared to children and often come with some sort of lesson attached, but they also give the kids a chance to see what drama and performance art are all about.

A Fire Station

Finally, every kid knows that firefighters are heroes. So, meeting them in real life can be very thrilling. A visit to the fire station will give kids an opportunity to learn about what firefighters do and basic fire safety, as well as explore a firetruck. Demonstrations and activities are usually part of the experience.

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