Beyond the Boardroom: Tackling the Silent Epidemic of Male Depression in High Achievers

In the high-stakes world of high achievers, where boardrooms are synonymous with success, there exists a silent epidemic that often goes unnoticed—male depression. This article, commissioned by Bertrand Ngampa, a global leader in men’s personal development and founder of the 1% Man methodology, sheds light on the pervasive issue of depression among high-performing men.

The Hidden Struggles of High Achievers:

While the external trappings of success may adorn the lives of high achievers, the internal struggles often remain concealed. Bertrand, with over 20 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs and leaders, acknowledges these hidden challenges and guides men on their journey to authentic success, addressing societal limitations through his 1% Man methodology.

The Boardroom Facade:

The boardroom, often considered a symbol of triumph, can become a breeding ground for stress and anxiety. The relentless pursuit of success may lead high-performing men to sacrifice their mental well-being, as the pressure to meet expectations, make critical decisions, and maintain a flawless image intensifies. Bertrand Ngampa’s methodology recognizes and addresses these challenges, prioritizing financial stability, physical health, and mindset transformation.

Impact of Isolation on Mental Health:

Isolation, a common byproduct of professional success, can take a toll on mental health. Bertrand’s mission to redefine modern manhood emphasizes the need to unlock men’s fullest capabilities as fathers, partners, and leaders, addressing the lack of genuine connections and the perception of being ‘alone at the top.’

The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health:

In the competitive world of high achievers, acknowledging mental health struggles may be perceived as a sign of weakness. Bertrand values transparency and authenticity, challenging stereotypes and promoting a culture of openness and support within his methodology.

Corporate Responsibility for Mental Health:

Corporate entities, including Bertrand’s global leadership in men’s personal development, play a vital role in addressing the silent epidemic of male depression. Establishing mental health programs, offering counseling services, and promoting a culture that prioritizes employee well-being align with his mission to redefine modern manhood and empower men in all aspects of life.

Breaking Down Barriers to Expression:

High achievers need safe spaces to express their struggles without fear of judgment. Bertrand Ngampa’s personalized approach, including high-ticket coaching programs, in-person meet-ups, and peer support groups, facilitates conversations around depression and contributes to breaking down barriers to expression.

Personalized Well-being Strategies:

Recognizing that mental health is as individualized as professional success, personalized well-being strategies are essential. Bertrand Ngampa encourages high-performing men to explore activities that bring joy, practice mindfulness, and prioritize self-care, aligning with his commitment to discipline, empathy, and innovation.


Tackling the silent epidemic of male depression among high achievers requires a paradigm shift beyond the boardroom. By acknowledging the hidden struggles, breaking down stigmas, and prioritizing mental health within corporate cultures, as advocated by Bertrand, we can create an environment where success is not at the expense of well-being. It’s time to recognize that the pursuit of excellence should encompass both professional achievements and the mental health of high-performing men.