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Comparing Different Truck Fleet Insurance Providers: What To Look For

Are you currently looking for a truck fleet insurance provider?

Having insurance coverage for your fleet can significantly reduce the financial risks faced through your daily operations. However, you want to make sure that the policy you have will give you value-added coverage for the right price.

If you find yourself comparing different truck fleet insurance providers, here’s what you should be looking for.


The Importance of Fleet Insurance For Your Trucking Company

Each one of the commercial trucks you own is at risk, whether on the road, parked at a destination, or anywhere in between. Having adequate insurance protection can help to keep you covered should anything happen.

Truck fleet insurance will give you the confidence that no matter where your trucks are on their journey, they are protected. And, since they are a major part of your business, this can bring you peace of mind.


What to Look For in Your Truck Fleet Insurance Provider

You want to purchase your truck fleet insurance from a provider you can trust —- one that is going to have your best interest in mind. How do you know who to turn to? Below are a few traits you should be looking for in your insurance carrier.



Everything you need for your fleet’s insurance may differ from another company’s needs. After all, much of it depends on the experience of your drivers, the cargo you haul, the routes you take, and so forth.

Is the type of reporting policy you’re on meeting your needs? If not, could you switch to units or revenue instead of mileage? Is the deductible structure right for your budget? If you are more than 25 units, have you explored retention programs or even captives?

Work with an insurance provider that can give you a policy designed to fit your specific needs —- everything you need without anything you don’t. That way you get adequate protection without unnecessary spending.


Cost-Effective Insurance Solutions

Buying insurance for your trucks is a requirement to be compliant with state and federal regulations. So, allotting money to cover it is something you will need to budget for. The right provider will have options available that will allow you to get truck fleet insurance that won’t destroy your bottom line.

What’s more, their rates should be transparent so that you always know what to expect.


Stable and Financially Sound

Having an insurance policy is one thing, but being able to feel confident that it will be there should you ever need it is quite another. There are few things worse than having an accident and realizing your insurance company is no longer around to cover the costs.

You want to make sure that the provider you choose for your truck fleet insurance is stable, financially sound, and well-respected within the industry. Look for a company that has been in business for a while.


Work With a Transportation Risk Management Partner

When you choose to work with a transportation risk management partner, you can open the door to many insurance solutions. You are no longer limited to those you know about or those you have applied for coverage through.

Having a team of insurance experts on your side means being able to have your needs evaluated so that you can be connected with the right insurance provider. You have permission to save yourself time and money.

Daniel & Henry provides comprehensive, value-added commercial truck insurance solutions designed for your trucking business while reducing your overall insurance costs.