Cost of Living in 2021

Diego Ruiz Duran understands that the cost of living in modern-day America has grown exponentially over the past few years. Ranging state by state and county by county, prices fluctuate based on many different factors. Inflation takes its course, as well as general economic ups and downs. Prices fluctuate throughout the United States and can affect the cost of many items. Items such as milk, bread, tools, lumber, gasoline, housing, and even work in the service sector will change.

Considering minimum wage does not fluctuate as quickly as rising costs will, there can be a reasonable argument for the unsustainability of the current environment. Blue-collar workers and Minimum wage earners may struggle to keep up with the rising costs if nothing is changed. A good example of this is waitresses, a group of service sector individuals that make 2.50 an hour in some cases. Although this is a more extreme example, these individuals rely heavily on tips, and their ability to receive them. If on a specific night they do not get tipped very well they might find themselves struggling to buy groceries, let alone pay their rent.

That was just one of the many examples of how our society has grown accustomed to making very little pay for many more hours of work. Most grocery store workers earning less than 11 dollars an hour will certainly struggle to pay for gas that fluctuates between 3 dollars and 5 dollars a gallon. Many Americans live this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and see no way to get out of the 9 to 5 grind. As a society, the average cost of living has tremendously increased for housing as-well. Defense attorney Diego Ruiz Duran knows that most apartments and condos for lease cost in-between one thousand and fifteen hundred in rural areas.

Looking online, there are quite a few references to view this phenomenon that we have grown accustomed to seeing. Most Americans don’t have much in their savings account according to the goBankingRates 2019 savings survey. This survey was conducted in 2019 and deemed most Americans don’t have more than one thousand dollars saved in their bank account. A useful reference is also looking at the U.S inflation calculator, for an interesting view of how much the toll inflation has taken. There are many references online that can reflect how the cost of living in modern-day America has risen.

As we try to examine a solution to this problem, we have to examine the root of the problem. Are wars or conflicts in the middle east the cause for rising gas prices? Are monopolies in America driving up the price of goods just because they can? Are service sector workers just wanting more for the labor they attribute? Is the solution paying employees more to compensate for the ever-rising prices? Also, it is important to see how Americans will continue to struggle to combat the ever-rising cost of living that has no sign of slowing down.