Digital Marketing Evangelist For Google, Avinash Kaushik

The digital marketing evangelist for Google and co-founder of Market Motive Mr. Avinash Kaushik, had an interview with Stephen Woessner, the CEO of Predictive ROI. An exclusive event Predictive ROI LIVE, which was a two and a half day event in which business owners get relevant insights from digital marketing experts, which they can use for innovating their business.

In an in-depth talk about everything Google, Kaushik went ahead to describe Google Analytics as the data that business owners can use to innovate their business. Kaushik also cut down Analytics into two important parts. According to him, the interesting part was the data analysis part, where people study the data and try to come up with necessary information about their traffic, and the boring part, where one reports all the information that one is provided through Analytics. Kaushik spoke about how data reporting, though boring and ‘painful’, one has to spend around twenty percent of their time with data reporting.

Woessner went on to ask about how the Big A from the Big G was important to business owners, and Kaushik was quite forthcoming with the reply. Kaushik put across that, there were some important points that all business in the world would require to check like – whether their first impressions with their customers was the one they would like to promote or what kind of traffic they are getting on their digital presence.

He expressed about some of his favorite and most important metrics that Google Analytics provides, and began with ‘Bounce Rate’, which according to him, ‘immediately shows you, are you bringing the right kind of people to your website, and how many of them puke and leave right away, because they are not the right kind of people.” He said that the Bounce Rate metrics gives the business owners information about how many people from the web traffic were, “I came, I puked, I left”. The conversation then veered towards competitive analysis, and Kaushik spoke about the various keyword tools that provide important information about competitors in the business.

The other metric that Kaushik spoke about was the task completion metric, where the business owners get to ask site visitors two important questions, why did they visit the website, did they complete the task for which they came to the website, which he says gives important information about visitor behavior, allowing the website owner to make changes to their website.

He went on to categorize the kind of metrics that the business owner would use, with the first one be a metric that would help them to provide information about their acquisition strategy. The second metric should help the business owners know information about the behavior of the people who visit the website. The third category of metrics would be the one that would provide information about the outcomes of the visit.

Finally, Kaushik spoke about how video is becoming more and more important as an advertising module today, and gave out data that showed video websites like Youtube and Vimeo had a better penetration rate than typical TV. One of the examples he spoke about was a ninety second Dove video that garnered an immense amount of visits on Youtube, even though the advertisement itself did not have any advertising support.