Enhance Your Workplace with Commercial Pots and Planters

There are many advantages to bringing nature indoors and making your workplace greener. If you want to improve productivity and boost the mood of your workforce, try planning a project that transforms the office. A greener office is not only visually appealing, it also has numerous physical and mental benefits. These tips will help you integrate commercial pots and planters into your current design.

Why Going Green Makes Sense

There have been numerous studies that prove going green in the workplace is a recipe for success. Desk plants, wall plants, grc pots, plant filled breakout spaces and more all help to boost productivity. Overall, having plants around the office or in any workplace environment makes us feel better. They have a positive effect on our mental state, helping to reduce stress, eliminate depression and increase motivation.

Plants help to reduce indoor air pollution by removing harmful compounds. Aside from creating a healthier workplace, they also enhance creative thinking and innovation.

Here are some ways to incorporate pots and planters in the workplace:

  • Outdoor Space

You may not have the indoor space to add commercial pots to your workplace as some of them can be quite large and heavy. If you have outdoor space, you can create an area which has plenty of greenery. Use pots and plants to design an outdoor space for your employees. You should aim for something that resembles a greenhouse and allow workers to take several breaks in this area throughout the day. It gives them a chance to clear their head and come back to work full of energy.

  • Focus on Green Plants

You can add all sorts of unique commercial pots and planters with all kinds of styles when making the workplace greener, but focus on green plants instead of other types of flora. If you have been reading about the benefits of making your workplace greener you may not have noticed that these studies focus on leafy plants and not other flora. The advantages are related to ferns or succulents and not necessarily flowers. Although you can add some colourful flowers, make sure the majority of your display is of green plants.

You may have seen many offices and workplaces using artificial plants, but there is little research to suggest that they have the same benefits as real plants. Artificial plants do not purify the air, so focus on real flora.

  • Pots & Planters

When working in an urban setting, you will find it difficult to come across soil. Your best option is to use different sized pots and planters. These items allow you to fill the room with flora without the need for green fields or gardens.

There are many ways to add leafy plants and other flora to your workplace, even when you have little or no space. Take advantage of commercial pots and planters to fill your interior and exterior with life. Select the right type of planters and fit them in areas which improve the environment. Be flexible and speak to commercial planters for more assistance.