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Everything you need to Know about edm electrical discharge machining and Laser Measuring System

An EDM electrical discharge machining is a manufacturing process used to manufacture parts that are impossible to machine. The materials shaped using edm electrical discharge machining must be electrically conductive for the process to be successful. EDM is especially well-known in small-batch production. Many procedures can be performed using electrical discharge machining, including milling, turning, and small-hole drilling. EDM is also valuable for various industries, from automotive to aerospace. The use of electrical discharge machining is often combined with other machining processes. For example, metal engine turbines are manufactured in the aerospace industry using conventional machining processes followed by EDM to provide delicate features.

Laser measuring tools are measuring devices that measure distance, area, and volume through a laser beam. The Laser Measuring instruments are easy to use, provide fast measurement performances, can measure on both hot and cold materials, and the operator can measure any distance by themselves. Today, the Laser Measuring System is available in different versions depending on the object’s required measuring range and temperature. The laser system can measure any place, wood, desired thickness, or massive vessels. 

Advantages of Electrical Discharge Machining

The edm electrical discharge machining allows for shapes and depths to be cut, which would be difficult using conventional machining methods. The machining process also does not create a burr. Conventional material removal processes marks on the workpiece that require post-machining finishing to remove the marks; however, With EDM, no additional treatments are required to achieve uniformly smooth surfaces. Cutting small workpieces or creating complex shapes edm electrical discharge machining is the best option compared to conventional cutting tools. EDM also has the advantage of machine-pre-hardened steel and other heat-treated metals without changing their hardness. Thus, EDM helps cut exotic and high-precision material components accurately at lower costs. It can be applied to all electrically conducting metals. Complex die sections and various molds can be produced accurately and precisely at a significantly lower cost than conventional drilling/milling machines. 

Applications of Electric Discharge Machining

Manufacturers use edm electrical discharge machining for an extensive range of applications. It is often an ideal choice for producing small, highly detailed items that are too delicate for other machining options. The components that require fine cuts, narrow, deep holes, or complex shapes with very tight tolerances are use cases for electric discharge machining. It is also becoming a popular means of machining prototype and production parts, especially in the automobile, aerospace, and electronics industries, because production quantities are relatively low. Electrical discharge machining also produces dies for jewelry, badges, blanking, and piercing. EDM can also be combined with conventional machining to produce high-quality molds with fine features. Today, various injection molding tool manufacturers use the dual approach to gain the benefits of speed and precision for molds that require small or complex features. Usually, this strategy results in faster lead times and lower costs than only using EDM for mold production.

Critical Role of a Laser Measuring SystemLaser measurement systems provide quick and accurate optical measurements of displacement, distances, positions, and profiles. It is faster as it uses a laser beam instead of a metal blade. While using a Laser Measuring System, the readings are electronically displayed on the screen, which one can easily read and record. Calculations are not necessary. When using a tape measure, there is a chance that it will bend, which could lead to inaccurate readings. But, the laser tape measure does not bend. Also, the laser measure is operatable with single-hand operation. Lastly, a Laser Measuring System provides accurate results and is very convenient. Due to its easy reading capability and non-bending nature, it is recognized as being better than other measuring instruments.