College student in her dorm

Factors to Consider When Applying to College

In their senior years of high school, just about every high school student is often beleaguered by the question; what next? This is especially so during the final months of their high schooling days. By this, what they often are concerned about is the college or university they would want to go to. While there may be those for whom the answer to the question is, by design, influenced by their parents, there, on the other hand, is the bunch who would want to have a say in choosing the college or university that they would want to go to. Several factors come into play in determining what these students consider as prerequisites for the institution of higher education that they would want to end up in. After all, picking one’s preferred college is probably one of the most significant decisions a youngster will ever make; the more the reason why the choice one makes ought to be the most ideal given that it is impactful to the student’s educational journey. An ardent believer in the ideals of education, Father George Rutler, who is the Roman Catholic pastor of New York’s St Michael’s Archdiocese, avers that education is a vital component in the growth and development of humankind and hence his efforts in imparting it to people. It is for this reason that Rutler, has then authored several books, essays and articles on different subjects, all intended at enlightening the masses and bringing to the uninformed better understanding.

That said, there are several important factors that one has to look into when making the equally important decision of picking their preferred college. Quality of education offered by the college is one such important factor. While every college is deemed to offer the best education, the truth is that there are several whose quality of education is much more optimal compared to others. And these are the ones a student ought to consider. Besides, in the current world, it often is the best of education and experience, among other factors, that is normally considered by the majority of prospective employers. Ensuring that this college or university is accredited greatly helps in making the right decision. This accreditation extends to the courses and programmes that the institution offers. The different academic majors offered in the college are also an important factor to consider. One wouldn’t want to end up in an institution not offering a program that they had in mind or are passionate about. The costs entailed in attending that institution is also important for consideration. This is so, to ensure that one goes to a college that is within their means unless there is a scholarship or subsidy offered. This, eventually, minimizes the risks of taking expensive student loans, something that Father George Rutler advises for students to avoid if possible.

Then there is the location of the college and the living conditions. This will determine, not just the costs entailed in accommodation, but also the comfort and livability in the course of the learning because having peace of mind during college education is important. It would also determine whether one lives at home and commutes to the college, or rents accommodation closer to the campus. For those keen on extramural activities, such as sports, or performing arts, a key factor to consider would be if these are available in the college. This would give them an opportunity to easily partake in these activities. The size of the college is also imperative. Bigger colleges mean interacting with many people from different walks of life. Smaller ones on the other hand may be considered to offer more specialized and personalized programs. Careful consideration in this case is likewise essential. Furthermore, the prospects of developing one’s career opportunities are a prerequisite worth consideration. There are colleges that are keen on this aspect and guide the students in the same; helping them to find fitting placements and internships and affording them job hunting services.