Facts About Human Resource Management

Facts about HR management

Human resource hires employees and works toward goals and accomplishing the desired organization image. Most management speaks of the administrative plans, ideas, and perspective image. Any organization needs plans and a good idea of where they wish to go to be successful.

They know what employees they need, the cost and benefits of these employees. Their human resource department is in charge of hiring and keeping those necessary employees.

Recruitment of Employees

Employees need motivation, a feeling of purpose, and success. Before any hiring of employees, the actual need must be there. Their cost, the benefits must be assessed beforehand.

A representative of any business will wish to succeed given the motivation of the administrative policies, the training, and the goal intended.

Jonathan Osler specializes in education and growth and success for his students.  He understands that organizations need to have a plan and a goal for employees to follow. They must have positive administrative policies that the employee can respect.

The employees will do better if they find the administration acceptable. Their abilities will increase with confidence, proper training, and a good plan. According to Osler, this spells financial success.

Employees need to know what is needed.

They need perspective and skill.

They need good guidance.

Their work needs to be assessed.

They need to follow the organization’s purpose and standards.


Jonathan Osler believes it is important to control and decrease the amount of turnover. Human Resource departments procure, set standards, create workers with guidance and training and a good explanation of the company plan. This spells success for the organization and satisfaction for the employee.

It takes about six to ten months for new employees to become trained and able to be a full complement to the organization. That is an expense that will be considered before hiring. That employee needs help in reaching his and company goals. He needs to know what goals are expected, and how the organization wishes him to accomplish them.

The Goal

The board creates the goals and plans and the road the business is to take. Then a method will be established for gaining those goals. Employees must believe in the goals and the methods. Most of all, they should readily follow the leader because they believe in them. This acceptance by the staff is important for success.

The administration must assess the costs, the expected income, the basis of their clients/customers, and the needed employees to accomplish this goal. Acquiring new customers should be addressed, and what kind of customers are right for their business.


The Human Resources department does not only hire employees. Employees need time and direction, a steady hand to build their confidence. They need to become an integral part of the business. It is important to hand off the job to the employee entrusted to him to push the organization forward.

The employee cannot do this without knowing where to go, what to accomplish, and has a feeling of mutually accomplishing something.