Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Selling your home means you can move on with your life, whether that’s moving to a bigger place, or finding a property on the other side of the world. But not all houses sell as quickly as you’d like. It doesn’t mean your property isn’t amazing, it’s simply how the market works. Luckily, there are ways you can get your home ready for a big sale, which can help it to sell much faster.

Repaint your kitchen and bathroom

You don’t have to do a full renovation of your kitchen and bathroom before you sell. In fact, this could potentially work against you, as buyers may have their own plans for these spaces. However, it’s a good idea to ensure that you present these rooms in their best light. You can give them a facelift by using anti-condensation paints from SeeJorakay, which protects the walls as well as looking good. Having a deep clean and a declutter is good too.

Work on your home’s exterior

You may hear your estate agent talk about curb appeal. This means the first impression that your home makes. When sellers pull up at your home, they should instantly get a good feeling about the place. Improving your home’s exterior puts you on the right foot when people come to see your place. They instantly feel positive, which means they’re less likely to pick up on the small imperfections.

Some easy ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal include:

  • Decluttering your yard
  • Cutting back bushes and trees
  • Repainting your front door
  • Washing stonework

It doesn’t take much to improve curb appeal but makes a huge difference to how quickly you sell.

Create a unique sales point

When you’re looking to sell in a crowded market, it can be difficult to get your property noticed. After all, there will be plenty of places for buyers to see. That’s why your place needs to stand out. There are lots of things that can make your home stand out, for example, adding renewable energy sources, which saves your buyers money, or adding an addition to give more space. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your home more interesting.

Put stuff in storage

Too much stuff can make your home feel much smaller, and it can hide the potential of your property. You should consider hiring a local storage unit to put away anything you don’t use very often. While you don’t want to completely cut your home down to the bare bones, which can make it seem cold and clinical, decluttering can ensure that your home looks clean and open, so it’s more appealing to people who come for viewings.

Selling your home isn’t always as easy as you think. While it may look perfect to you, buyers will have a more critical eye, so attention to detail is key. Not only do you need to create a great first impression, you have to look at the little things that can make a big difference, from repainting to decluttering.