ERP software company in India
ERP software company in India

Here is The Most Popular and Leading ERP Software Company in India

An ERP software company in India is responsible for the development, selling, as well as effective implementation of ERP systems. The biggest ERP solutions that are available in the market globally are SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. Organisations in India have the choice of a number of renowned and reliable ERP providers available in the market.  Let us take a look:

  • Microsoft

Microsoft has been a leading ERP software company in India for a number of years with its excellent product offerings. The ERP solutions offer a complete integrated tool for supply chain, reporting, operations, manufacturing, financial and human resource functions. Some of the well-known ERP solutions are from Microsoft, which include Dynamics NAV as well as the Dynamics AX. Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the top on-premise solutions that Microsoft offers. Most of Microsoft’s offerings are becoming industry-focused and provide an application-based approach. This allows you to customise the solution to match your requirements. 

  • SAP 

SAP has been a market leader in business applications since it launched its first ERP system. Today, the company has lakhs of customers in various countries all over the world. They offer a range of different ERP solutions for all kinds of businesses in any type of industry. SAP ERP solutions give a business the access to tools that are designed for effectively simplifying the business processes as well as get an advantage over the competitors in the market. Most of the SAP ERP software is scalable and enables modification of the package according to the unique needs of the business. SAP is a top ERP software company in India that helps in the purchase, implementation, supporting and running of the SAP solution that is most appropriate for your needs. For small and medium sized businesses, SAP also provides partners in their area that help them in handling local regulations.

  • Oracle

Oracle is not only one of the largest software companies in the world, it is also a renowned ERP software company in India. They are popular for their enterprise systems, HCM, CRM, as well as SCM.  Oracle ERP Cloud came up in 2012 and became one of the most sought-after Oracle solutions. Oracle acquired NetSuite in 2016, which is one of the leading cloud ERP software solutions available in the market.

What is the difference between ERP and SAP?

To understand the difference between ERP and SAP, let us first understand what is ERP:

ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a business process management software that enables an organisation to effectively integrate the different essential processes for running a business into one single system. This helps to increase productivity as well as improve the performance within an organisation. ERP software integrates all the basic functions into one single centralised system for streamlining the processes and flow of information across the organisation. The automated system will integrate various areas like purchasing, inventory, sales, human resources, marketing and finance. ERP is a technology that will successfully automate the key business processes of any company for eliminating all the redundant processes as well as systems.

Let us understand SAP in detail. SAP means Systems, Applications, and Products. It is a leading multinational software company known for developing effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for management of business processes. SAP is the largest vendor of ERP solutions all over the world as well as a leader in business applications. SAP offers a suite of business process applications that are implemented across different types of enterprises to provide end to end systems. It integrates the main business processes across the different functions. Every function is connected to a respective SAP module. These modules will collect and integrate data from different business aspects. The most implemented SAP modules are Sales and Distribution (SD), Production Planning (PP), Material Management (MM), Human and Resource Management (HRM), Quality Management (QM), and Financial Accounting (FI), etc.


It has become vital for businesses to have some kind of an effective ERP system in place, especially in the competitive environment present in the world. A reputed and dependable ERP software company in India like the ones given above will make sure that the deployment of resources happens effectively, and that organisations might oversee them on a real-time basis. They contribute in creating value and inspiring different businesses by providing them efficient solutions globally.

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