Hi-Tech White Glove Logistics: All you Need to Know

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, it is a challenge keeping up with cutting-edge innovations that are emerging, and this has resulted in a high demand for hi-tech logistics. There are many business sectors that require such services, and here are a few examples.

  • Banking & retail – The banking sector has a constant need for white glove logistics, with the installation and servicing of ATMs, of which there are many, and most banks will contract a white glove logistics company to handle all ATM installation and maintenance. Banks and finance companies have a lot of critical data they must store, and in the UK, a leading white glove company such as https://www.tecdisnetwork.com/en/home/ can handle all aspects of ATM or data centre installation.
  • Digital Advertising & Kiosks – Next time you are in the city, take note of the many LED digital advertising screens you see, and this type of equipment needs to be transported and installed by industry specialists. The white glove provider would tailor their service according to the client’s needs, which might involve collecting the equipment at the factory, or it might be preferable to have the hi-tech logistics team handle the final-mile and positioning. If you are concerned about your cyber-security, here is some good advice,
  • IT Hardware Disposal – If a large corporation wishes to upgrade all their office IT hardware, they would have a contractor who supplies the net hardware, and by making contact with a white glove logistics company, you can have all your old IT equipment disposed of responsibly. Here is a link to the UK government website that outlines the WEEE regulations that must be followed.
  • Reverse Logistics – In the event an end user wishes to return tech equipment to the supplier, white glove logistics will collect the equipment from the end user, and transport it to either the supplier’s premises or to recycle the equipment.
  • Health & Medical Equipment – CT and MRI scanners are very bulky and complex and the logistics of installing such a machine would require white glove solutions. Only manufacturer-approved technicians are permitted to install and configure this type of equipment, and they are employed by the white glove logistics company. Moving this type of equipment takes special transportation, plus the final-mile delivery and positioning demands a high level of knowledge, as does the installation and configuration.
  • Robotics – The robotics industry is booming, with the majority of large UK manufacturers already investing in automated robotics systems that really streamline their processes, and these systems need to be carefully positioned and installed, before being configured. White glove logistics really depends on the particular project and how much assistance the client requires, and with tailored solutions, your new equipment will be installed and online according to deadline.

When a potential client makes contact with a hi-tech white glove logistics company, the provider gathers a lot of data regarding the project, and is then able to give a quote for the work.