How Often Should you See Your IT Specialist?

As a small business owner or entrepreneur there are a lot of spinning plates to consider when running your empire. From marketing to sales, every element of your business needs to run smoothly and safely in order to be successful and for your venture to thrive. 

One of the parts of your business you may not have considered is your IT services. An IT specialist will help you to set up, implement, and manage good IT practices in the office to ensure the safety of you and your workers. 

Today we are going to discuss how often you should be contacting your IT specialist – and the signs that you need an IT specialist in regular contact with your small business. 

You have a lot of user accounts 

The first sign that you should be in touch with an IT specialist often is if you have a lot of people under your business with user accounts. The more people working for your business, the more of a task you have to set up user accounts and ensure all of them are working correctly, an IT specialist will be able to take on this responsibility for you and they will take on the task of also ridding the system of user accounts once they leave. 

Your company is growing

If your company has been growing in leaps and bounds in the last few months or within the last year, you are more at risk of spam emails, hackers, and data leaks. It is a simple fact that the more notable your business becomes the easier it is for hackers to find you and take advantage of yourself and your staff. One common way that a hacker will gain access to your server is through spam emails – and many older workers in your business might be tempted to open a link in an email even if they don’t know who it’s from. This is where an IT specialist should be on hand constantly to monitor and to teach staff what to look out for. 

You need frequent backups 

If you have a business that uses a lot of sales and marketing data every day, it is important for you to back this up and keep it in a safe location. The reason for backing up your data is to ensure that if anything happens and your devices all go down – you’ll still have the information you need to rebuild. An IT company will help you to set up a backup system and they will also ensure that it is constantly updating to reduce any data loss to your business. If your business needs this service then you should be in touch with an IT specialist often. 

You store client data 

If your business has a CRM for storing customer data, it is important to know how to store this safely and not leak the information out. An IT specialist will allow you to manage this process and keep your data securely locked away. 

In conclusion, any modern business should be in constant contact with an IT specialist and if you aren’t already, you should contact one this year.