How to Boost Sales

How to Boost Sales

When it comes to a small business, making a sale is everything. Even if the business gives a discount for their product it is still more money than they had by not selling the product. Father George Rutler believes boosting sales is important to any successful business for this reason. Here is how small businesses could boost their sales.

Asking questions helps a salesman understand their buyers. However, the questions a good salesman will ask assume the customer has already bought the product. This allows two things. One it puts in the customer’s mind what they can use the product for and two, it gives the salesman a better understanding of where the consumer’s mindset is. It makes it easier to talk them into buying a product.

When a business markets itself it tends to do things that stand out. Like Apple and their AirPods. When they first revealed the AirPods it stuck out like a sore thumb in the industry. They were the first ones to market pure wireless earbuds. It made them stand out and soon everyone began to copy them.

Another thing a company might do is over-deliver. Chick-fil-A is known to have the best customer service in America. The employees have the best attitude anyone has ever seen. This is a fine example of over-delivering services. Any business that has a mission and over-delivers on said mission is destined for success.

When there is a time limit of what services are available however it is always good to give the customer a sense of urgency. For example, Most retail companies have a ninety-day guarantee on most of their products. But they might also sell an extended service plan at an additional cost. Telling a customer how much time they have to renew a service or to buy an extended service plan can create a sense of urgency that may compel a customer to buy sooner than later especially if the salesman assumes they want the plan.

Assuming the sale will play to a salesman’s advantage. Assuming that the customer wants to buy a product or better yet has already made a decision to buy the product may also compel a customer to pull through with the sale. A good salesman will always assume the sale.

Some companies use their story as an advantage. Such as Whataburger, a fast-food company that has been in business for over 70 years and uses its history to create a sense of pride. This increases a business’s reputation and opens the door for more new customers to come into the store.
And a reputation is absolutely important to boosting sales. One other thing that can boost a company’s reputation is charity. If people see a company is known for its charitable actions then they may feel compelled to purchase from said company. Having a reputation like Father George Rutler can be very helpful in boosting sales as well. And it is important to boost sales to do more charitable things too.