How To Build A Snowman Writing

This time of year is ideal for exploring expository writing with a wintry project that is both enjoyable and straightforward, and it also results in one of the nicest crafts that can be displayed in your classroom. When it comes to appropriately sequencing the stages of how to create a snowman, students use their existing knowledge (or you can even brainstorm as a class) to help them out.


In order for your pupils to successfully complete this project, you will need to collect the following materials:

To begin, you will need to print off and make copies of the snowman, globe, and writing template for each individual pupil. When duplicated on colourful construction paper or cardstock, the snow globe looks its finest. After going over the instructions on how to construct a snowman as a group activity, we prefer to hand out copies of the writing prompt to each student so that they may work through it on their own.

An Art And Writing Activity On The Theme Of “How To Build A Snowman”

Give your kids the snow globe template to cut out and direct them to colour and cut out the snowman pieces. Practice your fine motor skills with this fun and engaging game! After that, they will use a glue stick to construct the snowman that will be placed within the globe.

Crafting a Snow Globe

Your pupils may create a white puffy paint that looks like snow for an extra impact that is three-dimensional by following your instructions. It is quite simple to prepare; all you need to do is instruct them to combine equal portions of white glue and shaving cream in a disposable cup or dish. The easiest way for them to include this fake snow into their creation is to take a cotton swab, dip it into the mixture, and then use the swab to paint their globe in whatever way they choose.

Crafting a Snowman

Use white paint as a substitute to the glue and shaving cream combination if you want to make the “snow” within the snow globe look more authentic. You may attach the snow globe as a topping to their writing page once you have backed it onto a piece of colourful paper and backed it onto another piece of paper.

An Optional Hands-On Approach

It’s possible that you teach in an area that doesn’t get much snow, or that the kids in your class haven’t had much (or any) experience with the actual process of constructing a snowman. Due to the fact that we are from Southern California, we have only had a limited amount of snow experience.


When this occurs, you have the option of purchasing instant snow (we located a container that creates 2 gallons on Amazon) and turning your classroom into your very own little winter wonderland! Make miniature snowmen with your class by placing “snow” in shallow plastic tubs or pans and giving them to the pupils to use. You may use little bits of carrot (to represent the nose), buttons, or even remnants of cloth for the scarf. This is one activity that is always a hit, and it’s the kind of thing that kids can’t get enough of!

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If you haven’t seen much snow on the ground yet or if your school has been converted into a winter wonderland, we have the ideal writing pack for you! Winter may be a great time in the classroom, but if you haven’t seen much snow on the ground yet.

Children in the classroom have an amazing opportunity to learn how to compose instructive texts thanks to this wonderful opportunity. Learning how to start “writing for varied reasons” is one of the goals of the educational programme of study that includes instruction on how to write instructional writing. The following items may be found within this activity pack on “How to Build a Snowman”: