How To Build Your Own Crab Puller

There is a tool particularly intended to remove wiper arms from their mounts that many people do not know about Most of the time, this is due to the puller being an uncommon piece of equipment. To remove your car’s wiper arm, you’ll know it’s a hassle.

If you don’t have a puller or it’s broken, the traditional method of removing this component is to use a puller. Remove the wiper arm without using a puller by reading this blog post. Good luck and be careful!

Wiper arms may be removed without a puller in ten simple ways:

1. Use Pliers to Grab the Blade:  

A set of pliers may be used to grab the blade, so grab a pair and then pull. Use a rag between the pliers if they don’t have enough friction to hold the wire. Go around the blade until you obtain a comfortable hold. Make sure you acquire all sides of the blades, as they are usually vary in length and width.

2. Use a Screwdriver:

Use a Screwdriver Instead of Pliers: Screwdrivers do the same thing as pliers, but they provide you greater control. Pull or twist them until one comes off the blade by placing them on either side of the blade. You may use a towel over the screwdriver to gain leverage if you can’t obtain a strong hold on the tool.

3. Bend the Blades Backwards:

Remove a difficult wiper blade by bending it backwards and forwards until it comes off easily. While not all blades will benefit from this method, it does work on most typical straight blades. With all of your strength, flex the blade back and forth until you feel it snap off with the screwdriver.

4. Carefully Swing the Wiper Away From the Window:

If the wiper arm is obstinate and the blades won’t come off or bend back, employ physical force. Carefully swing the wiper away from the window. You’ll need a robust screwdriver and a flat surface to set it on top of. Push outwardly on the screwdriver towards the window with one swift motion; doing so should swing the blade away and liberate it.

5. Use a Rubber Band:

A rubber band may be a great substitute for tools when you don’t have any. Make sure the rubber band is firmly fastened around the blade until it touches the arm at the bottom. Make a fist and pull it towards you until one side of it snaps in two. The blade must be completely removed before this can be done.

6. Ask Someone for Help:

To remove a wiper arm if you don’t have any tools or rubber bands, you may always ask someone for help. If someone refuses to help you, it’s a good clue that they aren’t the proper person for you to be around.

7. Pull Out the Locking Clip:

A little metal clip secures the blade to the arm on either side; remove it to release it. Try this next if you have difficulty gripping the blades and need extra leverage. Pull out one side first, then the other, until both sides come out at the same time.

8. Use WD-40 to Loosen the Blade:

If you can’t get a strong hold on a blade and need to remove it, use WD-40 to loosen it up. Spray it on both sides of the blade and let it sit for about 30 seconds before attempting to remove or twist it off. If this doesn’t work, you can apply extra WD-40 straight to the locking clip.

9. Turn the Arm Upside-Down:

If you’re having trouble removing a blade because you can’t get a strong grip, try rotating the arm upside-down. Be cautious not to let go of the blade, since it might fly off if you don’t keep your hand on it.

10. Get a Wiper Removal Tool:

There’s no hope for those who find themselves in the unfortunate position of having their blade broken off and have no idea how to remove it because nothing else will work. Wiper blades may be easily removed using a specific tool. Clamps onto arm using “L”-shaped piece of metal allowing blade to be easily removed.

Wiper Arm Removal Tools Are Better Than Pullers in Many Ways.

  • Wiper blade removal does not necessitate the use of a puller. That’s a myth, and it’s not real. However, a tool makes things lot easier if you want to maintain your wiper arm in position.
  • Underneath the thick plastic cover, the blade will remain connected without causing any damage to the arm or paddle switch mechanism. It’s possible to remove the blade with a too, but make sure it is the correct size before you begin to pull on your wiper arms. “
  • If it isn’t, there are plenty of other options. Wiper arm puller is an illustration of what you should do if you have one. The opposite is true. But if you’re just looking to save a few bucks, don’t bother. You may also use a coat hanger, and on that important day, you can give the new gadget away as a gift.


There are various methods for removing a wiper arm without the use of a puller. Leverage on one side of the arm while twisting and raising with another hand is possible with an old credit card or pullar. To exert more control over the amount of pressure on the rubber blade, consider inserting two screwdrivers into the holes at either end of the blade and pressing down on both handles at the same time.