How to Respond to a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are alarmingly common. When you fall victim to this kind of cyber attack, the first actions you take can make a difference in the kind of impact it will have on your data, security, and assets. 

Contacting a professional in IT services in Palm Beach is a straightforward way to resolve the situation quickly, with minimal to no damage, depending on how prepared you were with a backup system. However, recognizing that you are under attack and making mindful decisions is also crucial. If you find that your computer data is under ransom, following these guidelines.

Isolate the Systems Affected

The first action to take when your system has been compromised by ransomware is to isolate the system that has been affected. You can do so by detaching all the devices that have been affected by the network, since if one of the computers has been attacked, the virus can quickly spread to others in the same network. If this is affecting a business network, the attack can have severe consequences. 

You can isolate the system by ensuring that all devices are offline and shutting all connectivity channels, including WiFi and Bluetooth. Also, it is recommendable to disconnect your backup storage to limit the spread. 

Contact the Police

Once the ransomware has been contained, you can move forward and contact the authorities. You might contact the police or the FBI, depending on the severity and specific circumstances. 

These authorities are usually trained to handle such situations and will be able to advise you regarding the next steps to take to limit any damage. It is also important that they document the whole situation, as well as the circumstances of the attack. They might do so for legal reasons and records.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If the attack happened on a business network, the chances are that you have a cybersecurity insurance policy. If you do, this is the time when to contact them. They will be able to assess the damages, advise you on the next steps to take, and guide you in the process of filing a claim.

It is extremely important that you get in touch with your insurance company before you attempt to resolve the issue. This is because they will need to assess the damages in order to file a claim. Thanks to their forensic analysis tools, they can also cover a critical role in helping you answer any question you might have about the attack. 

Do Not Pay the Ransom

Once you have contacted the police and your insurer, you will need to take an important decision. Many victims of ransomware end up paying the ransom, hoping to get their files back. It is actually recommendable that you don’t pay the ransom for many reasons. 

For example, paying will not guarantee that you will have access to your PC and its files. Indeed, the attacker might just keep your files and disappear with them—something that might cause greater damage than the attack itself had caused. 

In some cases, paying the ransom will allow you to regain control over your network. However, this is not always the case, and you should not run such a high risk.

Remove the Ransomware

You can then proceed to use software to remove the ransomware. You can do so by yourself if you are an expert in the matter or contact expert IT services for more insightful guidance. 

Whether you got rid of the malware by yourself or you have employed the professional services of a managed service provider, you will need to then attempt to retrieve your files. You can do so by restoring any document from the most recent backup. 

Bottom Line: Get Started with a Prevention Plan

Ultimately, ransomware attacks can be extremely serious and cause significant losses from many points of view. If the attack happened on a business network, most of your crucial aspects would be affected, including your data, profits, documents, and personal details of your stakeholders.

Hiring a managed service provider is an excellent way to protect yourself from that happening, or at least troubleshoot the problem when it happens. However, such professionals will also help you design a prevention plan that can keep your company safe and secure in the long term.