Important Must-Have Packaging Equipment for Wholesalers

Packaging is an essential part of a business. Packaging Services helps to promote and differentiate the products in the market. Packaging is also important for shipping purposes as it prevents breakage while moving goods from one place to another. Whether you run a small business or have an online retail store, you must package your products nicely before they are shipped off. It not just increases the value of your product but also makes sure that goods do not get damaged during shipment. Packaging equipment varies according to different businesses like wholesale and retail stores, manufacturing companies, etc., depending on the type of packaging needed for your particular business needs and product volume.

This article highlights some important must-have packaging equipment for wholesalers:

Labeling and Packaging Machinery: 

Packaging machinery refers to the equipment that is required for putting a label or a product packaging on top of the final product. These machines are available in both manual and automatic formats, depending on your business needs. Automatic machines come with high-end features like auto-threading, auto-cutting, advanced counting functions, etc., which make them costlier than manual labeling equipment. Packaging machinery involves various functions like cutting sleeves, weighing and packing bags of spices, etc., before they are packaged into smaller containers or bottles remaining safe from spillage or contamination during delivery.

Bottling Equipment: 

Bottling equipment refers to all types of machines used for filling up products in small size containers using different-sized bottles. Packaging machines generally come in some standard packages like 3-chamber, 6-chamber, and 12-chamber machines. These machines help in assembling the products to be packaged into containers that are easy to handle or carry around. The packaging equipment also ensures that there is no damage caused during shipping while delivering them on time.

Labeling Machines: 

Packaging labeling machines are available in both manuals as well as automatic formats depending on your business needs and requirements. A manual labeler is used by small businesses for labeling bottles or paper bags with labels for marketing purposes. An automated labeler can complete a pre-set of labels that can be installed easily when you buy the machine from a supplier. Further, these labeling machines are available with various features. Some of them include:

  • Proofer- Checks the quality and perfection of a label before it is being printed on the final product 
  • Packaging printer – Another essential equipment that allows printing of labels right on packaging containers 
  • Packaging tapes – Automatic tape dispensers come in different sizes and shapes depending upon product size 
  • Packaging sign maker – Stickers, signs, tags, etc., can be attached with products for easy identification 
  • Easily replaceable labels – Machine should allow easy replacement of labels which makes labeling process quick 
  • Simple maintenance – Packaging machines need to be cleaned often after use. So make sure your machine is easily maintained 
  • Software requirement – Packaging machines should have options to load standard software or create custom programs for advanced functioning

The labeler should also be compatible with product size and shape. Packaging machines come in many different designs to choose from, including Rotary dispensers, combi-pack applicators, bag applicators, and carton erectors that are used for commercial as well as industrial purposes. Packaging machines vary from one business to another based on their requirements like design, brand name, cost, functions, etc.

Wrapping Machines:

Wrapping machines involve a series of activities that are necessary while wrapping goods for shipping or delivery purposes. Packaging equipment includes wrapping paper rolls into unique versions like folding rolls for standard customers or cutting according to your requirements. Packaging paper rolls also involve some pre-application like pasting labels on them to avoid costs. Packaging equipment uses packaging machinery for applying the scarce or unique combinations of papers, tapes, or films and more importantly with required strengths and finishes before they are ready for wrapping products. 

With thousands of options to choose from on Packaging Equipment, it is imperative that you know exactly what you want or need before placing an order online or offline.