Language Shouldn’t Be a Problem for the Global Businessperson

When you consider where we were just 50 short years ago, humanity has made some giant leaps in technology, with a digital explosion that enables global commerce, yet even though we can have a video conference with a Chinese CEO, there is still the language issue to resolve. If you are limiting yourself to English-speaking business owners, you are missing out on a huge market and for the forward-thinking global entrepreneur, there are professional, on-demand translation services.

Global Translation Services

Take a leading provider such as Global Citizens Translation as an example; they offer more than 500 paired language translation services in a range of formats, from a verbal translation during a video conference to translating documentation and conference translation. The provider has an extensive global network of qualified translators that work remotely and using dedicated servers, translators can be instantly patched into a voice of video call, providing you with everything you need to have a meaningful business discussion with your foreign counterpart.

Industry Specific

If you are looking for a translator that is experienced working within your industry, the global translation service has you covered, with sectors such as:

  • Legal
  • Aviation
  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Media

Once you create an account with such a translation service provider, you can use the on-demand service any time you choose. Due to the global nature of the work, there are no time restrictions; you can order a Vietnamese-English translator at 3am your time and they will be patched into your call. If you run your own business, there are always improvements you can make and on-demand translation is a valuable asset for any business.

Essential Business Documentation

It isn’t only verbal translation we require and all forms of written work can be professionally translated, whether it be a Memorandum of Understanding or a complex bid proposal. Certified translators ensure error-free translation and they are able to work to deadlines, proven to be able to translate a minimum of 200 words per hour.

Video Subtitles & Voiceovers

If you want subtitles on a recently created video to reach specific languages, this is an on-demand service that you can call on at any time. You can also arrange for a qualified translator to record voiceover in any language, which enables foreign business owners to understand, and with 500+ paired languages, you are not limited.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about global translation services, start with a Google search to find a leading provider and check out all the information on their website. When you are ready, simply create an account and you have a wide range of translation-based services at your disposal and you only pay for the services that you use.

Having such a service really does open many markets that you could not otherwise explore and using a professional translation service overcomes language obstacles. This means you can also create marketing content in numerous languages, empowering you to move into new markets and create an international business network.