Making “Not Fun” Things Fun and Easy

In life, there are certain things you may consider to be not fun to do. How do you make these “not fun” things more fun and enjoyable? Having a positive attitude and finding innovative ways to complete tasks that aren’t your favorite can help ease the experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing five not-so-fun tasks and how to make them much more enjoyable in a few simple steps.

Making 5 Not-So-Fun Tasks Enjoyable

We’ve gathered a handful of tasks that many people would consider to be “not fun” and will provide solutions for making them less burdensome.

  1. Recruiting New Employees

Sourcing new talent, especially in healthcare can be a tiresome process that takes a ton of time and effort. When recruiting healthcare candidates, one way to make things easier is to work with a healthcare staffing agency like On Time Talent Solutions. For over 20 years, On Time Talent has been in the business of connecting healthcare organizations to professionals seeking jobs in healthcare. 

  1. Security Awareness Training

Admit it, security awareness training has always been quite dull. Employees never found it enticing to participate in their mandatory security training, and they certainly felt awful after falling victim to a phishing test.

Furthermore, those mind-numbing training presentations, commonly referred to as “Death by PowerPoint,” felt like a painful experience akin to having lemon juice squeezed into their eyes. The entire process is outdated and merely appears to be a monotonous task to fulfill compliance requirements for all parties involved.

Curricula has provided a solution that makes employee security awareness training fun and entertaining. Curricula’s engaging eLearning platform leverages behavioral science principles, including storytelling, to completely revolutionize your organization’s employee security awareness training program.

  1. Getting Recruited for College Sports

Trying to get coaches to notice you as a student-athlete can be frustrating and discouraging if you don’t have the professional guidance you need. College Athlete Advantage (CAA) makes the college sports recruiting process more fun and relaxed for students and their families. With expert advisors, you can walk through the process seamlessly and get recruited at one of your top schools. 

College Athlete Advantage has helped hundreds of student-athletes get recruited and sign for their top colleges. From baseball and softball to basketball and golf, CAA has you covered.

  1. Protecting Your Dropshipping Business

Small business owners know that running your own business isn’t a walk in the park. It can be extremely challenging at times, and this is especially true for dropshipping businesses. In dropshipping, people need to pay extra attention to their products and listings to ensure that they aren’t violating any trademarks or intellectual property. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

With the help of Koloden, this tedious task can be automated to make your life easier. Koloden is the world’s first reseller AI-powered platform for intellectual property infringement and brand protection. It automatically scans your listings daily to detect any infringement risks to prevent your business from being hit with legal action. 

  1. Job Hunting

Looking for a new job can often be considered a chore for many. It involves searching job boards, updating your resume, preparing for interviews, etc. BestCompaniesAZ provides helpful resources for job seekers in Arizona such as interview questions, articles about updating your resume, and more. BestCompaniesAZ even provides lists of top employers in the area and partners with them to share any job opportunities.

If you’re interested in moving to Arizona, BestCompaniesAZ even has moving guides to help you prepare for the transition and make things less stressful.

Now you know how to make five common “not fun” tasks a bit simpler and more fun. We hope this guide was helpful and encourages you to seek out innovative solutions.