Platforms and Systems You Need in Your Cyber Toolbox

Cybersecurity tools can sometimes be pricey; however, there are many open source tools that will help your organization keep its data safe and secure. Also, cybersecurity tools are not just for big companies; they are vital for every organization, regardless of its size or type.

Every company must have effective cybersecurity products together with in-depth planning. Besides, cybercriminals are not just after the big companies; small companies are at significant risk.

So, whether you have an in-house IT security team or choose to outsource the services, you need cybersecurity professionals to help discover and fix any weak points in your computer systems. The reality can take a toll on the bottom line; fortunately, various cybersecurity tools are available.

The following are some of the platforms and tools you can use to identify and prevent vulnerabilities in your systems.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most commonly used SaaS platforms globally. And with the increasing number of cyber threats like viruses, phishing, and ransomware, it has become more essential for businesses to have a platform or tool that will help protect their devices and their vital documents from cybercriminals.

Office 365 delivers robust security and safety for all your work services. This includes link checking for the usual phishing threats and common viruses, as well as a strong anti-virus shield with its Windows Defender.

This software can help protect your documents, recover your files from malicious attacks, and has advanced protection from cyber threats.

Anti-Virus Software

This platform will allow you to identify malicious programs in all your email attachments, documents, and new software installations, among many others. You must ensure that all your systems have the proper protection. If your business only uses a few computers, some of the free anti-malware and anti-virus might work and be enough; however, it would be best to use a dedicated cloud-based anti-virus service if you have many employees accessing your data from multiple devices.

Password Managers

Using strong passwords and keeping them securely is a vital step in ensuring the safety of your systems. However, because many people think that using a unique password is enough, things can get tricky.

So, using an excellent password manager will allow you to safely store and track all your passwords so that the users will have to remember one essential key instead of memorizing a dozen of different passwords.

This is very useful, especially for the people tasked with protecting the passwords. But the good news is that various password management tools are free. Some of the top password management tools are Psono, Bitwarded, and KeePass.

Cloud Backup

This can be a significant lifesaver in case of an attack. Cloud backup services will help save your encrypted data to the cloud, which can be accessed over the internet. The best part is that you can get a backup services package that can suit your needs as they are subscription-based.

Every cyber tool or platform has a different function, depending on the mission and set of skills. However, free tools and platforms can significantly serve as an excellent entrance for those looking to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge and skills. On the other hand, a perfect way to simplify everything is by getting the help of a professional and experienced IT partner.