Pros and Cons of Online Education

Pros and Cons of Online Education

The emergence of online education has made it possible for many working professionals to access education. This is because they can remotely study while still maintaining their day jobs. However, some questions have been raised about the practicality and quality of online education. Looking at all these, we’ll review the pros and cons of online education to get a good perspective of this mode of study. 

The first major benefit that people get when studying online is convenience. Online education allows students to choose their convenient time of studying. You are not bound by a specific schedule to study. The only schedule that you have is for submitting your assignments and exams. However, some people argue that a lack of a fixed study schedule makes students lazy and unable to study well. This is highly dependent on the individual motivation of students. 

Lack of physical social interaction is a limiting factor for students studying online. There could be virtual interaction with your classmates, but you rarely get a chance to meet them physically. Therefore, online education limits human interaction. This could also affect the academic performance of practical courses that require demonstration that is well-understood if there is physical interaction. 

Compared to physical education, online education is relatively cheaper. This factor alone stands as a great benefit for students who are sponsoring their studies. Depending on the course and college chosen, you can save about 30% of the regular school fees. But this doesn’t mean that all online colleges are affordable; some could offer even more expensive courses than physical courses in some colleges. The idea is to get an affordable institution that offers quality online education. 

Since there is a whole debate about the credibility of some online courses, it is risky for someone to do an online degree in some courses. This is a disadvantage because most learners are not equipped with knowledge about the degrees that should be earned online and those that are risky when done online. Since colleges and universities are after admission, they’ll often hide critical information that you might realize after you have finished your course. 

Finally, online education offers more options for students. With it, you can choose to do various courses from various colleges and universities. You can even study multiple courses like ACLS Renewal online. This gives you the power to access any course from any college that you want.