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Questions to Ask When Looking For a Divorce Attorney

Getting divorced can be an extremely stressful event in your life, so anything that can make the process a little easier is a great help. When planning to get divorced, you may be concerned about the emotional and financial impact on your life. An effective way to lower the stress and upset caused by a divorce is to find the right attorney.

Having the best attorney can make a vast difference to the success of your divorce case. An attorney that works hard on your behalf to make the process easier for you while still getting the desired outcome is invaluable. But, choosing a divorce lawyer can be challenging. Knowing which one to pick and where to begin your search can be challenging when you have a lot on your mind. If you need a divorce attorney, it helps to prepare questions before beginning your search. 

Preparing questions to ask when looking for a divorce attorney will enable you to find the right lawyer faster and allow you to compare different attorneys and what they can offer you. The answers to your questions will help you make an informed choice and ensure you have the very best divorce attorney working on your case.

Questions to ask a divorce attorney

Here are some of the questions to ask to help you find the best divorce attorney for your needs:

Do you specialize in family law, or are you a general lawyer that sometimes works on divorce cases?

Are you certified as a family lawyer? Do you have a lot of experience working in cases similar to mine?

Will you be in sole charge of my case, or will you have an assistant to help? Who do I call to discuss my case when I cannot reach you?

Do you charge a fixed fee, or will you provide me with a bill at the end? How much money do you require upfront, and how long will I have to settle my final bill?

What hourly rate do you charge? Will you charge me for each email and phone call you respond to, and how much will this cost?

Will you use additional services such as private investigators? How much will you charge me extra for services such as these?

How will you approach my case? What methods will you use to help me achieve a favorable result?

How long do you estimate the divorce will take? Is there anything you can do to help speed the process up?

Will you provide me with regular updates on my case? If I call you or send an email, how long will I need to wait for a response?

What do you predict the outcome will be, and do you believe we will achieve a favorable result?

Do not be afraid to ask plenty of questions as listed above when choosing your divorce attorney. Finding the right lawyer is vital for a successful outcome, so take your time when making your final decision.