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Roles of the Human Resources Department

Roles of the Human Resources Department

According to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi, the human resources department is one of the most important departments in an organization. Human capital is a valuable asset for your company, and you must have a dedicated person to manage this department. According to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “human resources professionals help employers grow their businesses, build their team with the right people, and avoid legal pitfalls.” However, the role of human resource professionals has changed dramatically over the years. According to entrepreneur Djerassi, here are the functions of the human resource department in your business.

1. Employee Relations

The first function of the HR department is employee relations. This means that they deal with employees on a daily basis. They ensure that all employees receive fair treatment from management and other employees. In addition, they also make sure that all employees understand the policies and procedures of the company.

2. Compensation & Benefits

Employee benefits can be very expensive. You must hire a compensation professional who understands how to negotiate salary packages for each position within your company. It would be best if you also considered hiring a benefits specialist who will assist you in setting up health insurance plans, retirement plans, and more.

3. Training & Development

Training and development specialists work closely with managers and supervisors to improve performance by providing training programs to employees.

4. Payroll

Payroll is another area where human resource professionals come into play. The HR department creates pay schedules based on positions or levels of responsibility in an organization. For example, when there is a change in status or job responsibilities, the HR manager will change the payment schedule accordingly. Payroll professionals must also perform payroll tax calculations at the end of every month.

5. Recruiting & Staffing

Recruiters go through resumes and apply them to various open jobs posted online. Hiring personnel takes time, so recruiting specialists are usually hired full-time. A staffing consultant works with project teams to fill open positions within your business. These consultants interview candidates and recommend the best candidate depending on the qualifications required for the job.

The Importance of HR in Today’s Business

The human resources department has a number of important roles:

They help businesses grow.

They help companies to build their team with the right people.

They help avoid legal pitfalls.

They are one of the first departments to be consulted when there is a workplace issue.

According to Forbes, “human resource professionals also act as teams’ internal coaches and problem-solvers who can serve as impartial mediators during tough times.” In today’s business climate, HR professionals act as coaches. They can help solve problems within an organization by being careful not to take sides or come across as unprofessional during difficult situations.


Alexander Djerassi believes that the importance of human resources cannot be underestimated in today’s business world. HR departments provide support and protection for the company’s employees and an avenue for company growth. The role of HR is to enable the company to achieve the goals it has set for itself.